So … not much happened this weekend eh? Pretty boring stuff? Was thinking about filling this post with gardening tips and exploring ways of making your home more weatherproof. Good stuff. Enjoy these Melo-centric links.


Sources: Nets add Pistons to trade talks – Marc Stein,
ESPN’s Marc Stein apparently speaks to sources close to the NETS and indicates that Chauncey Billups would be included with Carmelo Anthony in a three-way trade involving the Detroit Pistons.

Chauncey Billups Would Seek Buyout if traded by Denver, Says Agent – Chris Tomasson, Fanhouse
On top of the previous article, we have Fanhouse National Reporter Chris Tomasson reporting that Chauncey would seek buyout from the Nets if he is traded to them, according to his agent. Also Chauncey apparently wants to move in to the Nuggets front office after he retires.

Nuggets Enter Last-Ditch Stretch in Attempt to Keep Carmelo Anthony – Chris Tomasson, Fanhouse
In another article from Chris Tomasson, the team talks about the drama surrounding them (courtesy of Melo) and Tomasson reveals that Kenyon Martin and Chris Andersen will miss Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Hornets

Agent pushing Hamilton into 'Melo deal – Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo Sports
Adrian Wojnarowski "reports" that Melo's agent Leon Rose (who also represents Richard "Rip" Hamilton) pushed Detroit to get involved with a trade centering on Carmelo Anthony.

Billups not paying attention to Anthony rumors – Yahoo Sports
A report from Yahoo Sports about Chauncey Billups' frame of mind with being involved in the Melo Drama and also he commented on the Nuggets need to re-commit to defense.

Chauncey Billups doesn't want to be a Net – Chris Sheridan,
I'd usually insert my mocking of Chris Sheridan here, but it seems like Sheridan actually did some straight reporting here and relied on established quotes. Good for Chris!

Nets, Nuggets, Pistons could do 17-player Carmelo deal – Fred Kerber, New York Post
In an utterly ridiculous trade scenario, Fred Kerber from the New York Post goes off the rails and insinuates that the mother of all trades is about to go down.

Nets need to be aggressive in pursuit of Carmelo Anthony, may land assist from Joe Dumars, Pistons – Mitch Lawrence, New York Daily News
More about the proposed Melo three way trade with the Pistons and Nets. In case you weren't getting enough of it.

Sources: Nets, Nuggets “further along” – Marc Stein,
Well, this is moving along quite swiftly. Look like the Nuggets have cynically included Billups in the trade despite his objections. Nuggets would get back Favors, Devin Harris, and Anthony Morrow (?) plus picks.


Sunday's chaos:

Rather than give you the 1.3 million links that cropped up on Sunday, I'm just going to highlight the three most important one's. The rest can sure be posted below if you so choose. Chaos was the name of the game on Sunday.

Nets Close to Landing Anthony – Yahoo Sports, Adrian Wojnarowski
In his latest tome, Yahoo Sports Adrian Wojnarowski reports that, despite what is called a Nuggets-centered problem there is hope (surely on the part of the Nets) that this trade goes through.

Carmelo Anthony in three-team trade involving Chauncey Billups continues to take shape – Denver Post, Benjamin Hochman
In what appears to be a very similarly worded article to Wojnarowski's, Benjamin Hochman adds his thoughts to the Nuggets ever chaotic trade saga.

Has Carmelo Anthony Played Last Game with Nuggets, ‘Not at all’ Star Says- Fanhouse, Chris Tomasson
Chris Tomasson offers an entirely different perspective to the current trade talk. Of note was Melo repeating the same phrase five times to emphasize that he hasn’t played his last game in a Denver Nuggets uniform.

For constant updates on trade movement I highly suggest people folow these twitter accounts

Chris Tomasson – Fanhouse

Adrian Wojnarowski – Yahoo Sports

Benjamin Hochman – Denver Post

Chris Broussard –


Have a great morning everyone. Stay out of the snow if you can.