Some see the Nuggets offseason as an abject failure.

Others feel the Nuggets seismic shakeup of the front office and roster as the first step towards a new era of Nuggets basketball characterized by something other than first round playoff exits. Whether or not that means a step closer to the Finals or deeper into the abyss of the Western conference remains to be seen.

More yet perceive this time as the slowest period in the NBA offseason, after the draft and the conclusion of most free agency, but before training camp. We’re forced to slog through debates about whether LeBron James‘ passing ability is yet on the level of an all-time great like Larry Bird’s or what dunk was the best in history.

Soon, training camp will begin, and we’ll get to see the first inklings of how Brian Shaw plans to implement his battle plan for this enigmatic Nuggets squad. Until October 1st, we’ll need to content ourselves with ruminating on a Nuggets squad whose upcoming performance will be nearly impossible to predict.

Daily Links

Spiderman Basketball Part 2

One of the most sensational players on the AND-1 mixtape tour, Grayson "The Professor" Boucher shows off some dominating ballhandling ability on the blacktop. It's worth a watch if only to see the reactions of his defenders, many of which are entirely fooled by his amazing series of hesitation dribbles and sleight of hand. All while wearing a Spiderman costume.

Wages of Wins forecast down on Nuggets' chances

Arturo Galletti of the Wages of Wins Journal believes the Nuggets could be as bad as a 27 win team or "fighting [Utah] for the right to get killed by the 1 seed." While it's an interesting method of predicting the future utilizing the "wins produced" stat it gets hard to take seriously when you see the forecast for Detroit to rack up 53.5 nominal wins and Indiana struggling to stay afloat.

Tracy McGrady retires

Tracy Mcgrady has retired after playing 16 seasons in the NBA. After being drafted out of high school in 1997, McGrady went on to have a rocky NBA career. Just a few months removed from playing for the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals, McGrady may now pursue overseas basketball or simply fade into the sunset. A sad farewell to a player who could never quite reach the summit of professional basketbal but once scored 13 points in 35 seconds. Happy trails, T-Mac.