You ever wonder "who the heck is leaking that report?" Whether it's something you agree with, disagree with or in some cases makes you scratch your head; all leaks are out there for a purpose, all leaks are put out to push an agenda. Inside I will give you a couple tips to help you sift through the Tweet, blog, web post and newspaper article that makes you go "hmmm … "


I’m not going to pick any one article out as a demonstration. Everyone receives leaks. It’s part of the business. What I’m trying to do in this opening for this mornings Golden Nuggets is to give you an idea of how to get a better grasp of what “direction” an article featuring anonymous sources is taking you … keep in mind this is not scientific but this has served me well when reading new articles. It may or may not help you as well.

Using the Nuggets/Nets trade speculation as a guideline. Remember to read how many times a certain team is mentioned in an article. This is often an easy tell to see from which viewpoint a leak came. Always pay attention to the “perspective” of the article. Often times it is revealed in the opening sentence or paragraph of an article. For example:

"As the never-ending saga of the Munchkins  drags on, there are those within the Lollipop Guild who question the veracity of presenting a lollipop to Dorothy."

This is blatant. Obviously someone within the Lollipop Guild leaked information to the reporter. If the author uses pejoratives to describe another party in the article like "clearly the Nets are growing impatient with the Nuggets." That either shows the author's bias, or they were leaked information by someone who wants them to say that.

It's hard to determine intent at times, but nowadays with information coming hard and fast … you notice the leaks ground to a screeching halt when the Nuggets supposedly "threatened" the Nets (which has not been confirmed) so it's interesting to see. With the wave of leaks stopping pretty quickly, it does indicate that most of these were most likely New Jersey or those who support a New Jersey trade perspective.

Meanwhile, on with the links!


Carmelo Anthony Gets Respite From Trade Chatter with ‘Heatles” on the Horizon – Chris Tomasson, Fanhouse
Our good friend Chris Tomasson reports that Carmelo Anthony was in good spirits while talking about tonight’s upcoming match up with Lebron James and the Heat

Nuggets brass keeps working while Melodrama drags on – Ken Berger,
Ken Berger's latest blog about the Melodrama. Talks about the conflict between reports where Melo doesn't want to sign with New Jersey, and those that says he does.

Stoudemire tries to recruit Anthony – Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo Sports
Woj’s latest article in which he claims Amare Stoudemire sent Melo a series of text messages after Melo made the comments that maybe the Knicks don’t need him. If this is true, how is THIS not tampering?


Non Melodrama related NBA news

A harder soft cap: Exploring the possibilities – Matt Tolnick,
Matt Tolnick explores the virtues of the hard vs. soft salary cap. Very interesting read. Also talks about tweaking the Bird Exception.

Pincus: Lakers Have, Cavaliers Have Not – Eric Pincus,
Self explanatory article talking about the Lakers 55 point beatdown of the Cavs. Also Byron Scott … werent you the coach when the Nuggets beat the Hornets by 58?

Jimmer Fredette drops 47 on the University of Utah
Also, a college kid named "Jimmer" has a night to remember. Some people tell me this kid is good. Others are not so sure.


Have a great morning everyone!