The Lakers come to town. The only team that can bring a more annoying fanbase to Pepsi Center than the Boston Celtics. A team the Nuggets fans love to hate. A team that features a player who Mark Cuban passively suggested could be amnestied by the Lakers.

Yes, it’s THEM. Come loud and proud to the Pepsi Center tonight folks. Brave the foot of snow in your driveway and come downtown in your best Nuggets gear. Let’s also hope that Danilo Gallinari is healthy enough to play like his normal self tonight … and that we won’t get 5 chucked threes by Corey Brewer.

On to the Links

NBA investigating Cuban’s Kobe amnesty comments – Matt Moore,
The NBA is trying to look tough in saying they may fine Mark Cuban for his comments about the Lakers maybe amnestying Kobe Bryant.

Lakers’ superstar formula hasn’t produced a winning team – Benjamin Hochman, The Denver Post
Our friend Hooch talks about the Lakers current roster and how it hasn’t produced the results that everyone thought they would. Here is another point. Outside of Dwight Howard, the Lakers are an old team playing a brutal tempo. Cant that work?

Dusty Saunders: Ron Zappolo is up for new challenge, back to sports – Dusty Saunders, The Denver Post
Why is this here? Well, those of you who are old enough will remember that Ron Zappolo was, and probably still is, the best Sports Anchor to ever grace the City of Denver. If he is coming back to sports the city is better off for it.

Lakers are finally winning, and they still aren’t that great – Tom Ziller, SB Nation
Tom Ziller basically breaks it down for us regarding the Lakers. Here is another point, is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that Phil Jackson would have used Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard better than Mike D’Antoni has? Just sayin’.

Merilatt: George Karl is a conundrum – James Merilatt, Mile High Sports
James Merilatt talks about the even divide that splits keeping George Karl around, and those that want a new coach in Denver

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