That wasn't the busiest of night's in the NBA, but it was up there. Lots of game action and even more off the court action.

1.) Scott Skiles and the Milwaukee Bucks called it quits last night. Their relationship had been on the rocks since last season when Skiles cleaned out his office thinking he’d be let go. After five seasons it came to an end last night. Brewhoop has it covered like glue on your third grade hand (who remembers doing that?). No word yet on if either party has changed their “official” Facebook status to “single”.

2.) When Carmelo Anthony isn’t slapping men and back-pedaling, well he’s waiting for 36 year-old NBA veterans out by the bus. I guess the arena flagpole wasn’t available. I guess Melo figured he’d be safe since about 15 Knicks employees were surround him and wouldn’t have let him get anywhere near Kevin Garnett. Hurling some curse words would have been all that would have happened. Boring. Players shouldn’t be fighting anyway – not worth the risk of causing bodily harm to one another, seriously. Oh and the Knicks lost 102-96 to the Celtics.

3.) As most of you know, Chris Andersen was in Miami for a workout with the Miami Heat. The team is looking to sign someone as they cut Josh Harrellson to make room for a big guy. No word yet on if Miami will sign the Birdman. Check out Hot Hot Hoops for Heat fan reaction to the possible signing.

4.) And the Thunder lost to the Wizards in Washington D.C. last night on a last second shot by rookie Bradley Beal. The Wiz were up 10 late in the fourth quarter, only for Kevin Durant and Company to, once again, come roaring back … but they fell just short. Check out Bullets Forever for an interesting story on Beal’s game winner.

5.) If you haven’t seen it yet – check out Ty Lawson talking with a paparazzi member of – video here – all the titles say, “Lakers Suck!!!!” but Lawson doesn’t use that phrase in the video. The lesson as always – steer clear of the paparazzi.

6.) The Nuggets injured all three of the Lakers regular rotation big men. Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, and Jordan Hill will all miss time. Denver Bad Boys.