In 2009 Mark Warkentien was named the NBA’s Executive of the Year. After the 2009-10 season the Nuggets decided not to extend Wark’s contract and let him walk … right to the New York Knicks. Melo and Wark have been rumored to have a good relationship and the move by New York is a smart one as they continue to court Melo from afar.


Knicks to hire Warkentien as consultant – Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo! Sports
A smart move by the Knicks to bring Warkentien into the fold in New York. It's looking like he'll be a consultant for now, and plans for a bigger role in the future.

Carmelo Anthony, Nuggets set for NJ – Mike Mazzeo, ESPN New York
Melo has his sights set on a win against the Nets, and he doesn’t know how he’ll be received by the crowd.

Carmelo Anthony talks about Brooklyn, the nixed pursuit and the meeting that never happened – Stefan Bondy, NY Daily
A Q&A with the Nuggets star about all the drama surrounding him and his team. 

Marc Gasol: “I don’t really think about free agency” – Marc Narducci –
The younger Gasol brother talks about how he’s adjusting to the NBA game and his future in the NBA and with the Memphis Grizzlies.

My proposal for a new and improved NBA – Mark Boyle,
Check out how Boyle thinks the NBA should re-mold the league. Some pretty radical ideas as he proposes only a 16-team league that doesn’t include the Nuggets and Lakers.


From the vault:

Denver’s Mark Warkentien named NBA Executive of the Year – Official Release,, May 3, 2009
Notable feats from Wark mentioned in the article: re-signing Melo, Nene and J.R. Smith, inking free agent Chris Andersen and acquiring Renaldo Balkman.



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