Here are your links for a summer morning at the end of July. So sit down with your coffee or morning drink and read basketball articles from around the basketball world


Not much to say this morning folks. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Enjoy the links!


NBA Lockout Presents Impossible Compromises for Players, League – Tom Ziller, SB Nation
Tom Ziller analyses some numbers and determines the reason why the Players Association has a hard time with the owners last proposal.

Both sides of NBA labor negotiations prepare for legal war – Ken Berger,
Another depressing article about the possible legal actions of the players and the owners in the NBA Lockout. Yippee!

Union backing overseas pursuits – Ken Berger,
FIBA (The International Basketball Association) has consented to NBA players playing in Europe during the lockout. Apparently this is being encouraged by the NBAPA.

Frank gets 4-year deal with Pistons – Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo Sports
The Pistons sign Lawrence Frank (Bilbo Baggins) to a 4 year contract to coach their team. Hopefully Frank is as adept at resurrecting the Pistons as he is at hiding the ring of power.

Ex-NBA player jailed for basketball team fraud – Ben Golliver, CBSSports
An article about the sad descent of former Nuggets player Jay Vincent.

Dwight Howard: Orlando Magic center training with Hakeem Olajuwon – Josh Robbins, Orlando Sentinel
Denver Stiff’s favorite Dwight Howard talks about training with the legendary Olajuwon.


One last note – doesn’t this Kyle Orton/Tim Tebow mess and the Colorado Rockies saga with Ubaldo Jimenez make you think not so nostalgically at our own ordeal with one Carmelo Anthony? /shivers


Naked Eyes – Always Something There (via emimusic)

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