In a change of practice, George Karl has been downright ebullient in his praise for the rookie two-guard Evan Fournier. Praising both his ability to learn and his willingness to work. Karl also indicated that Fournier will get increased playing time in the upcoming preseason games.

It will be interesting to see what the rookie can do considering the No. 20 overall pick of the 2012 draft was a bit controversial in some circles. While most don't expect Fours to get much playing time in the NBA this upcoming season, these preseason games will be a good look into the man the Nuggets invested a first round pick on. Hopefully, for the Nuggets sake, he flourishes and makes the Nuggets decision to give him D-League time a difficult one.

On another note, the season previews are out in full force. Both Grantland and Matt Moore from Pro Basketball Talk had previews of the Nuggets approaching season. John Hollinger also had a preview of the Nuggets, and therein contained a highly optimistic take on where the Nuggets will end up in terms of wins. As you can tell by the tone of this paragraph, I'm skeptical. I'm all for Nuggets-related myopia, but Hollinger's projection is a shade beyond what even most optimistic would fathom.

On to the Links …

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2012-13 NBA Preview: Denver Nuggets – John Hollinger, (insider)
Unfortunately this is an insider-only article from John Hollinger. Lets just say that he projects the Nuggets as second place in the NBA's Western Conference and has them winning 59 games. Probably a bit … too positive.

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