It’s Friday and the good news is Carmelo Anthony hasn’t been traded yet. The bad news is that my wish for the Nuggets to be 20-10 after 30 games (and thus be buyers and not sellers at the trade deadline) is hanging on by a thread thanks to a fraudulent end-of-game call last night.

Nuggets lose to Spurs 113-112 after game-winner called off – The Denver Post
Carmelo Anthony and George Karl react to one of the worst end-of-game calls in Nuggets – and possibly NBA – history.

Paige: Nuggets on 3 first-round picks — all ears – The Denver Post
Woody Paige seems to have moved from the "hold on to Carmelo all season" camp to the "trade Carmelo for multiple picks" camp.

George Karl Rips Officiating After Charging Call Costs Nuggets Win — NBA FanHouse
Chris Tomasson speaks with Coach Karl about the horrendous officiating last night.

Roundball Mining Company " 2010-11 Game 25: Denver Nuggets 112 – San Antonio Spurs 113
Jeremy Wagner of Roundball believes Melo's "charge" was, in fact, a charge.

Antonio McDyess Emotional as Retirement From NBA Looms — NBA FanHouse
Tomasson catches up with former Nugget Antonio McDyess whose career might be in its waning months.  Damn I feel old saying that.

Coach's Notebook: Melo's Efficiency, Redick's Evolution – Basketball News & NBA Rumors 
HoopsWorld's Coach's Notebook examines Carmelo Anthony's efficiency on offense.

In the Moment: George Karl –
News breaker Ken Berger talks one-on-one with Coach Karl about Melo possibly being traded.

And in case you're the lone Nuggets fan who missed this, here is J.R. Smith's incredible dunk from last night: