Nuggets get to 50 wins? Check. Last game of the season tomorrow? Check. Preview coming in Thursday’s Golden Nuggets? Check.

Right – time for disjointed ramblings that have little basis in basketball.


Random musings from a random mind

1. George Fraizer has to be the worst color analyst in the history of broadcasting. The Colorado Rockies (on the absurdly named "ROOT Sports") announcer sets baseball analysis back to the days of jaunty boater caps and waxed mustaches. Last night, for example, before the Nuggets game started I heard Frazier utter in his Oklahoma drawl "…you see, the key here is to throw a strike." WELL NO S**T! And here I was thinking that whomever threw the most pitches away from the strike zone wins! Is the key also to swing the bat, and to catch a fly ball? GAH! Oh for the days of Dave Campbell. 

2. Speaking of broadcasters. I think it's time the Nuggets bring back Al Albert. He's living here in town, and I'm not even sure he'd be interested, but it would be nice to hear Scott Hasings with a truly professional sportscaster who knows Nuggets history like the back of his hand – because he was there. I was watching on youtube the Nuggets series against the Seattle Supersonics in 1994 and it dawned on me just how good Albert was – and he was even working with Dave Logan at the time (The games were covered on the now defunct Prime Sports). Albert and Jerry Schemmel were the best the Nuggets have ever had.

3. My two favorite new players are Kosta Koufos and Danilo Gallinari. How should I combine those names? Koufinari? Danta Gallifos? Danilo Koufos? Kosta Gallinari? Point is – wait, what was my point?

4. Dr. Who starts on BBC America on April 23rd. Set your DVR.

5. The best way to get people to pay attention, and to give “respect” is to take it. The Nuggets and Nuggets fans must do this. Apparently the Thunder were mocking the Nuggets in the last game they played in OKC and this will not do. No way. Time for the Nuggets to go into OKC (if they end up the four-seed) and TAKE respect. As my friend Nate Timmons would say, “Boom Son!!”

On with the links

Nuggets related

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In the first, “hell yeah dude” article of the potential post season, Raymond Felton describes wanting to face the OKC Thunder because of all the smack they’ve been talking

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Recap for those who can't get enough recap

Nuggets Afflalo suffers setback on injured hamstring – Chris Dempsey, Denver Post
Article about Arron Afflalo‘s hamstring tightening. To clarify, Afflalo didn’t reaggravate his hamstring. It tightened. Slightly different but not the same as re-injuring it.

Mozgov looks to get back on court soon – Denver Post
In new that I can only assume will make Timofey Mozgov‘s legion of fans squeal with glee, the 7’1″ center from Russia is planning on coming back sooner from injury than expected.

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