The Denver Nuggets brass held a press conference at the Pepsi Center before tonight’s game against the Grizzlies. Many things were said.

Oh…and the Nuggets won.

I know and like Josh Kroenke as a person. Masai Ujiri as well. I’ve never held them responsible for trading Melo, but I DID hold them responsible for including Chauncey Billups in the trade. They admitted to it in the presser but gave what looked to be a very heartfelt apology to Chauncey’s family and the fans who adore him. It seemed quite genuine and it was kinda moving to see that it hurt them just as much (if not more) than us to see CB go.

There were some other things said. Some things were revealed about how long this Melodrama has been going on with the Nuggets. It was refreshing to see the Nuggets brass take responsibility for their trade. This is what we have been needing for a very long time. The public in Denver was wanting to be reassured and I think some of this could have been taken care of in a "we understand your concern" press conference months ago.

The Nuggets won, quite shorthanded, last night. It was good to see, but you can't take too much from this victory. Heck, the actual team we are supposed to be seeing wasn't yet on the court. The Next couple games against Boston and Portland will probably give us a better indication of what these Nuggets will look like going forward.

Now … on with the links!


Nuggets’ Kroenke says Melo drove deal – Benjamin Hochman, Denver Post
Team President Josh Kroenke says Carmelo Anthony was in the drivers seat with this deal from the beginning.

Nuggets apologize to Billups after trading him – Chris Dempsey, Denver Post
In an interesting move, the Nuggets brass of Josh Kroenke and Vice President of Basketball Operations Masai Ujiri start their press conference by apologizing to Chauncey Billups

New players get first taste of Mile High City as Nuggets – Chris Dempsey, Denver Post
Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton are all interviewed as they sit at Pepsi Center

Paige: Nuggets' young brass holds up under fire – Woody Paige, Denver Post
Woody Paige compliments the Nuggets Front Office for their handling of the situation with Carmelo

Nuggets coach George Karl closes in on contract extension – Benjamin Hochman, Denver Post
George Karl makes some knowingly disingenuous comments about the Melo situation, but the article indicates that Karl and the Nuggets brass are close on a contract.

Nuggets’ Masai Ujiri: ‘We Got Killed’ on Carmelo Deal – Chris Tomasson, Fanhouse
Our buddy Chris Tomasson (Nets fan public enemy number one) talks to Masai Ujiri about the Carmelo deal with some interesting quotes from Josh Kroenke about Melo’s claims of the Nuggets “going young and shedding payroll”.

National Perspective
Denver Nuggets fared well when compared to other teams who lost superstars- J.A. Adande,
J.A. Adande breaks down the Melo trade and says the Nuggets did the best they could.

Knicks Go for Greatness with Anthony – Howard Beck, New York Times
A New York perspective on the Carmelo trade. A little on the optimistic side.

Knicks pay hefty price, but succeed by doubling star power – Ken Berger,
In what I hope is the last time I will have to hyperlink a Ken Berger article, he dissects the Melo trade and says it was worth it for the Knicks despite what he calls the Thomas “hysteria”.


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