In just five short days, the long summer will be over, and NBA training camps will begin. Only four days later (Saturday, October 6th), the Nuggets will play their first preseason game against the Los Angeles Clippers. Finally, we’ll get some real, juicy Nuggets news and analysis and get our first glimpse of this squad on the court together.

In the meantime, the MLB postseason is starting to heat up. The surprising Baltimore Orioles are just a game and a half back from the Yankees for the divisional lead in the AL East, and the Washington Nationals have already clinched a playoff berth. While I'm only a casual baseball fan, reading about the upcoming playoffs brought me to an article about strange MLB injuries. The way many of these occurred are just bizarre, and are definitely worth a read. You have to just shake your head and laugh at some of these:

– Right-hander Steve Sparks, trying to make the Brewers out of Spring Training in 1994, dislocated his shoulder trying to tear a phone book in half as a motivational technique.

– Right-hander Adam Eaton missed a start for the Padres in 2001 after stabbing himself with a paring knife while trying to open a DVD.

– Indians outfielder Brian Giles missed several games in 1998 because of spider bites.

– Cubs outfielder Sammy Sosa went on the disabled list with back spasms after a sneezing fit in the dugout.

– Phillies right-hander Jeff Juden was sidelined during Spring Training when his new tattoo became infected because he went sunbathing.

– Tigers reliever Joel Zumaya developed elbow problems from playing too much "Guitar Hero."

– Cubs outfielder Bret Barberie missed a game after getting chili juice in his eye.

– Marlins right-hander Randy Veres had to go on the disabled list with a sore hand. He hurt himself pounding on the wall of his hotel room, trying to get the people in the adjoining room to be quiet.

– Red Sox third baseman Wade Boggs hurt himself trying to remove his cowboy boots. When one wouldn't come off as easily as he would have liked he stood to get better leverage, lost his balance, fell into a couch and bruised his ribcage.

So: the above list of MLB injuries got me wondering: what are some of the stranger occurrences of NBA injuries that we've heard of? To start, just recently:

Steve Blake of the Los Angeles Lakers will be prohibited from "impact exercises" for three weeks after stepping on a spike strip in a parking lot. Ouch!

Who can forget Amar'e Stoudemire cutting open his hand after punching a fire extinguisher?

Carlos Boozer once tripped over a bag and broke his hand. Smooth!

– Our very own Danilo Gallinari breaking his thumb – on a backboard.

In a time during the NBA offseason when we as fans vacillate between being incredibly bored and deadly serious about where our players rank in some arbitrary ESPN poll, sometimes it's worth it to take a step back and inject some humor into what's been a pretty tumbleweed-filled offseason.

For fun, try and guess which NBA player suffered the following "MLB Pitcher" style injuries (click the spoilers button below for answers):

1. Burned corneas due to lotion being rubbed in eyes during an Eric Clapton concert
2. Sleeping with a knife and cutting your hand open
3. Muscle ointment huffing (accidental)
4. Moped injury
5. Gameboy induced tendinitis
6. Snowboarding injury
7. Slipping and falling on your yacht
8. Infected hair follicle
9. Exercise ball related mishap
10. Hug induced dislocated shoulder





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I can only imagine what happened that got lotion rubbed in Charles Barkley’s eyes during an Eric Clapton concert. I definitely remember Derrick Rose knifing himself. Francisco Garcia hurting himself lifting weights while on an exercise ball (#9) has got to be up there as one of the more amusing injuries of all time.

What other strange or funny NBA player injuries do you recall? Feel free to post them below.

News and Notes Around the NBA:
Chris Paul feels ready to go. After tearing a ligament during a Team USA training camp, he believes he'll be ready to start for the Clippers' season opener.

The Timberwolves have reached terms on a 1-year deal with Louis Amundson. Here, have a picture of the Timberwolves squad, now including Amundson.

The NBA may be returning to Seattle! A hedge fund manager decided to personally guarantee the city's debt on a $490 million dollar arena near the Seahawks and Mariners turf. Pretty ballsy move by that guy, but good for Seattle fans.

Special Note:

The NFL has finally reached an agreement with its locked-out officials. Hallelujah. They'll be back for tonight's game, and we can hopefully expect an at least competent level of refereeing. The blown call in the Green Bay-Seattle game was the last straw that broke the camel's back. Will the NFL continue to toe the line that the game will stand as called, or will Seattle and Green Bay potentially play a makeup game? I can see strong arguments for both.