A rumination on how one's own radio experience translates to early 70's progressive rock tracks … and yes, it's THAT pretentious.


There's an art to appearing on the radio.

In so many ways, sports analysis was MADE for the radio. Opinions are sometimes colored in a unique way that Nate, Andy or I just can't get across in writing. So when forced to come up with answers to questions, you can be unique, creative and prescient in real time. That's what I've enjoyed the most about interviewing on the radio. It really opens up possibilities … within reason.

For example, the first couple interviews I ever did on the radio was back in high school (or rather, having to hold a radio segment all by myself). I knew someone who owned a radio station with an open slot for analysis about music trends and whatnot. I somehow, as a 17 year old kid, finagled my way in claiming to be an expert in these areas (powers of persuasion folks … it's dangerous in the wrong hands).  Thus began my semi-regular appearances on the radio. I'm grateful for the opportunity because it allowed me to refine both my voice, and to learn how to self-edit on the fly.

I vividly recall my first couple of interviews running long. Something like 20 to 22 minutes. There's a progressive rock song by Genesis called Supper's Ready. It's 23 minutes long. Normally I'd consider comparing one's self to a classic prog song from 1972 to be a bit over the top, but in this case (since I was talking about music) it is apropos. Much like that song it contained small passages of entertainment followed by long segments of George Plimpton-esque boredom. The only difference is I didn't wear a flower on my head like Peter Gabriel. Nor did I wear a skin tight black jumper … come to think of it, why do I like that song? Oh well.

The point of this rant is to say that as much as Andy, Nate and I enjoy doing radio segments you must understand that we have refined our approach to where people ask us back. Trust me, if the three of us didn't work hard to be entertaining it would be a substantially different story.

Meanwhile, I strive to keep radio listeners entertained whenever I get the opportunity. As well as continuing to not wear a giant flower on my head…

On with the Links!

Nuggets related

Andrew Feinstein on with Elephants in the Room 3-24-11
Andy makes his annual guest appearance on Elephants in the Room with Denver Stiffs buddies Renaud Notaro and Karl Hungus.  Interesting stuff as always and well worth a listen as they discuss the Nuggets most recent hot streak and the Nuggets chances going forward.

Harrington’s recent spree scores points – Chris Dempsey, Denver Post
Al Harrington and his recent 27 point effort against the Spurs is discussed here. I’m not sure that one night will cure Big Al’s recent ills but it was nice to see how happy the team was to see him do well. Al seems to be a good guy.

Jerry West: Don’t immediately judge Melo trade – Denver Post
Hall of Fame player/GM Jerry West says you can’t judge the Carmelo Anthony trade based on this season alone. This is probably very true … although that won’t prevent Nuggets fans from participating in a little schadenfreude (shameful pride).


College related

Florida ousts BYU despite Jimmer’s 32 – Denver Post
In what I can only imagine is the darkest day ever for Mormon basketball fans, residents of upstate New York, and people who thought J.J. Redick would be a star in the NBA … Jimmer Fredette and his BYU Cougars have been ousted from the NCAA tournament by Florida. A moment of silence please.


And in a final bit of video to get Nuggets fans riled up … I give you yesterday morning's 1st and 10  on ESPN 2, and Skip Bayless hands out a fresh heaping of disrespect for the Nuggets. Get out the metaphorical carving knives for some hyperbole filled invective rants about ole' Skipper…

Skip Bayless on 1st and 10

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