The Nuggets blew out the Magic in the second half last night to win. With no player there to match his length on the Magic, JaVale McGee had 17 points (most of which here lobs) and 8 rebounds. Danilo Gallinari bounced back and also finished with 17 points. Check out the Denver Post’s recap right here.

In other news James Harden of the Oklahoma City Thunder may miss the next game against the Nuggets because of a viscous elbow to the head by Metta World Peace. Possible concussion. Also Kevin Love was shut down for the season by the Minnesota Timberwolves after McGee’s inadvertent elbow to Loves head a week and a half ago.

Things are lining up well for the Nuggets pursuit of the 6th seed in the playoffs. Next game will be very tough regardless, but the Nuggets chances improved with Harden's potential absence.