Yesterday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell proclaimed, “Football’s back.” The new 10-year agreement gives football a nice stable future. The free agency period begins today and is expected to be a wild time with negotiations coming at a fast-and-furious pace. All this exciting news for football fans is bittersweet for NBA fans as the lockout has yet to really get underway. But does the end of this lockout have any light at the end of the NBA tunnel?

Unfortunately, I do not think the end of the NFL lockout has any bearing on the NBA. The good news for NFL fans is that they wont be missing any games in the upcoming 2011 season. And while NBA fans would hope that a somewhat short NFL lockout might mean the NBA wont miss any games either … don't get your hopes up. 

While we are sure to hear some comparisons between the NFL and NBA and how the NBA should learn something from the NFL short lockout (short meaning not missing any games), comparing the two is probably closer to apples-and-oranges than it is to oranges-and-oranges. 

But I am jealous of NFL fans (funny because I'm an NFL fan too) – entering the free agency period today fans can again begin to get their hopes up that their team will sign the key guys to win be able to win it all. Trade talk, free agent talk, and more will take over the blogs, podcasts, radio, and televisions. 

And while all of this is going on, NBA fans will be left out in the cold. As Hoopsworld reporter Alex Kennedy Tweeted last night:

There was some talk that NBA players and owners would meet in early August, but it’ll likely be later. No meetings have been scheduled yet.


Not good. 


On to the links:

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A feel-good story for a local basketball product who made it big-time in women's professional basketball. 




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