Yesterday, Denver Nuggets General Manager Masai Ujiri made the sports talk rounds to talk about the Nuggets future and off-season plans. In a morning talk with reporters, he mentioned that Andre Miller, who came up big in the playoffs and down the stretch this last season, has expressed a desire to stay with the Nuggets. Later in the day, Ujiri spoke with several different radio shows to talk about the Nuggets’ future. Specifically Miller, JaVale McGee, and the recently maligned Danilo Gallinari.

Just listening to the interview with CJ and Kreckman … I get the feeling the Nuggets were encouraged by Gallo's exit interview, and would like to see his further development next season. Same thing with McGee. Sounds like the Nuggets are highly determined to re-sign JaVale and are willing to pay a pretty penny to do so. You get the feeling the Nuggets are semi-happy with the team they have, and want to give it a year before they make drastic changes. Of course, that could all change if they got a call from a team with an unbelievable offer. You never know.

The Nuggets cannot begin negotiations with Miller, McGee and Rudy Fernandez until July. I personally don’t expect any drastic changes this off season unless that mystery team calls with an offer they can’t refuse. I’d think that, if the Nuggets are going to deal, the trade deadline next season would be better, at least that will give them time to determine if the team as constructed can’t develop any further.

Listen to Ujiri:

CJ & Kreckman here

Drew Goodman & Scott Hastings here