I returned to Colorado just in time for the Nuggets to hit the road last week. The team ventures back home tonight to face the Toronto Raptors and have three more games at The Can to finish the month of March. In a move of incredible awesomeness, my boy Rory offered me a ticket for tonight’s game so I’ll be in attendance for the first time since Dec. 3rd!


The Nuggets are 6-3 in March and have a great chance to finish the month with as many as 10 wins. Double digit wins would be an incredible feat as I was hoping the Nuggets would earn seven wins this month. Coming to Denver this week we have:

  1. Tonight/Monday: The 20-49 Toronto Raptors.
  2. Wednesday on ESPN: The 56-13 San Antonio Spurs.
  3. Friday: The 17-51 Washington Wizards.

And to finish the month on March 30th the 17-51 Sacramento Kings come to town for the first game of the rare home and away series (Denver is in Sacramento two days later to play the Kings again on April 1st). Hopefully the Nuggets can pick up 4-5 wins in that stretch before playing the Lakers in Los Angeles on April 3rd. If Denver can go 4-1, they will be 45-30 and if they get them all they’ll be 46-29 with seven games to play and possibly another 50-win season on the horizon.

Like Jeff mentioned in his Raptors preview, the Nuggets need to get the ball moving a bit more on offense and attack the rim a bit more (and finish with some dunks as well once they get inside!). The injury bug has bit the Nuggets with Arron Afflalo and Raymond Felton now banged up (or re-injured in AAA’s case). Although this is an important week, the injuries might allow for the guys still in uniform to gain some valuable minutes on the floor that will come in handy once the playoffs start.

As I dwelled on in the Heat recap … I wish there were more like 100 games left in the season versus just 12 because this team is so great to watch. But at the same time, I really want to see what this group can do down the stretch and in the playoffs. It’s hard not to get ahead of ourselves, but we, looking in, can speculate and look ahead.


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