In the wake of an inactive trade deadline for Nuggets fans and George Karl‘s revelation about a second bout with cancer, the Nuggets have been much discussed lately…

Paige: These Nuggets surpass all their predecessors – The Denver Post
About four months later than the rest of us, the Post's Woody Paige finally jumps on the Nuggets bandwagon, declaring this season's team to be the franchise's best ever.  Paige also recently wrote a moving piece on Karl and cancer.

Carmelo Anthony Believes Nuggets Still ‘Disrespected’ — NBA FanHouse
FanHouse’s Chris Tomasson quotes Carmelo Anthony on being “disrespected” by the rest of the league. Melo also serves up an interesting quote on back-to-back games, claiming the Nuggets wouldn’t lose if they didn’t have to play them.

Krieger: Let's not make a deal for Nuggets – The Denver Post
Dave Krieger openly questions why the Nuggets stood pat at the trade deadline.

Hochman: Karl kept bad news classified – The Denver Post
Benjamin Hochman details how Karl kept his latest illness a secret as to not be a distraction to the team.

Even Right Wing Reaching Out to Liberal Karl — NBA FanHouse
Tomasson writes about right wingers reaching out to the famously liberal Karl to lend their support.