Here’s what others are saying about our Denver Nuggets

The Denver Post's Dave Krieger advocates for Nuggets head coach George Karl to get a contract extension now, and plugs Denver Stiffs along the way.  Thanks, Dave!'s Marc Stein drops the Nuggets to 8th in his power rankings, notably behind Phoenix who we beat last week and can't win a road game.  Really, Marc?  Worse than Phoenix?  I don't think we're watching the same basketball.

The Post's Benjamin Hochman notes that rookie Ty Lawson has sparkled "in spurts" but still has much room to improve.  After seeing Lawson start yesterday, I'm sure we all agree.

Aaron Lopez – formerly of the Rocky Mountain News – is now covering the Nuggets for the team itself, with "The Nuggets Beat" column at  Lopez, along with Chris Tomasson, did a great job covering the team for the Rocky so its nice to see him resurface with a cool gig.

In his latest NBA chat, Hoopsworld’s Travis Heath suggests that the Nuggets go after the Blazers Joel Pryzbilla and explains that the Wizards Brendan Haywood is another “big” the Nuggets could consider going after. No mention however of my boy: Jeff Foster!

Nuggets One Big Away From Glory? by Travis Heath. From Dec. 14th, but still relevant. (Added by Nate)