We at Denver Stiffs pride ourselves in providing the most comprehensive and unbiased coverage of the Denver Nuggets in the state of Colorado. Andrew Feinstein, Nate Timmons and I try to run this blog as objectively as we can … although it is easy to fall prey to various agendas. Everyone is human and therefore we all have human faults. As you see from this last week of coverage we cover the gamut of reactions from opposite opinions (Andy and I) to Nate’s excellent “on site” perspective and interviews from Pepsi Center. We also have vital fan perspective given voice by Colin Neilson that, we believe, sets us apart from most in town.

I respect the Denver Post for the most part. My dad worked at the Rocky Mountain News until is folded in 2009 and I always felt that the cuthroat competition between the papers actually improved the journalism. There are times that the Rocky is dearly missed in Denver for it's ability to keep the Post on it's toes and for the ability to give the city the gamut of perspective between the two newspapers. In February of 2009 the Rocky closed it's doors and the city's sports coverage hasn't been the same since

That being said … we at Denver Stiffs will do our best to continue to give you every perspective we can think of. Josh Kroenke will be praised when he deserves to be praised and criticized when he deserves to be criticized. That goes for whomever he chooses as both general manager and coach and the players who are on the roster. All four of the principal writers on this blog, plus those who write additional columns for us started out as fans. We are solely focused on giving you the best Nuggets coverage in town. That will not change.

Now, for your reading pleasure, here is a link to the Post's articles from today about Josh Kroenke, including a Woody Paige column that includes some quotes from Stan Kroenke.

Nuggets articles at the Denver Post