You ever hear of that Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game? You know the one … where you can link any actor’s or actress’ film through Kevin Bacon using just six steps? Well, I found a link, courtesy of Bill Simmons’ Tweet, that lets you play this game with NBA players. Ty Lawson and Wilt Chamberlain can be linked through just five simple steps! Don’t believe me? Read on …


6 Degrees of Separation – Ben Blatt and Arjun Modi, Harvard College Sports Collective
I messed around with this link for a solid 15 minutes and couldn't stump it. How would Wilt Chamberlain link up to Ty Lawson in just five steps?

1.) Chamberlain played on the 1968-69 Los Angeles Lakers team with Freddie Crawford
2.) Crawford played on the 1969-70 MIlwaukee Bucks team with Kareem Abdul Jabbar
3.) Jabbar played on the 1985-86 Lakers team with A.C. Green
4.) Green played on the 2000-01 Miami Heat team with Anthony Carter
5.) Carter played on the 2009-10 Denver Nuggets team with … Ty Lawson.

The data goes from 1949-December of 2010. Pretty dang sweet. See if you can stump it! And learn some crazy connections along the way.

More George Karl – Nuggets coach talks contract, PGs, love of Denver – Benjamin Hochman, Denver Post
Feinstein posted a great interview with Karl yesterday and Hochman has some great quotes here. My favorite was on Karl's love of Denver, "I think, one, it’s a great weather city. It’s the best weather city I’ve ever lived in. there’s outdoorsy type of people. There’s snowboarding, bicycling, sports are big. It’s just an active town. It has an active energy to it and it’s beautiful. The mountains of Colorado, you can’t find any prettier places than you have within an hour’s drive if Denver."

VIDEO: George Karl On Nuggets' Season – ESPN Pardon the Interruption
In case you missed it, Karl appeard on PTI yesterday and had a nice conversation with Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. I love this show and watch it every single day … glad to see Coach on there.

Woody's Mailbag: Nuggets-Lakers could be Denver's best bet – Woody Paige, Denver Post
Come check out what Denver's biggest talking head has to say Q&A style.

Northen Colorado 65 vs. Montana 60 – ESPN
The Northern Colorado Bears (21-10 overall and 13-3 in the Big Sky Conference) won the Big Sky Conference tournament and their first trip to the big dance. Pretty sweet for the local school. I wouldn't put any bets on them to win a game though … but a great reward for the hard-working players on the team.

Kevin Love (16 points, 21 rebounds) records 52nd straight double-double in rout – ESPN
“Love recorded his 52nd double-double in a row to surpass Moses Malone for the longest such streak since the ABA and NBA merged in 1976 …” Pretty impressive for the kid, hopefully he can get on a team that can rack up some wins with his tremendous efforts.

The NBA is discussing a concussion policy – Eric Freeman, Ball Don't Lie
Probably about time …

Carmelo Anthony sinks winning shot as Knicks withstand late Grizzlies rally – ESPN
Team had a big lead, lost big lead and Melo hits game winner and becomes the story in this one. Sound a bit familiar? He did the Nuggets another favor by handing the surging Grizz a loss in a heated Western Conference playoff race.




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