The NBA is now regarded as a point guard dominated league. So with all the elite distributors out there, do the Nuggets have a potential dominating point guard in their midst – or do they need to look elsewhere?


Derrick Rose. Deron Williams. Chris Paul. Steve Nash. Rajon Rondo.

All are great, difference making, explosive point guards. I’m not going to include Russell Westbrook in this because he is a converted two guard who forgets to get the ball to the best scorer on Thunder every other game. While certainly “explosive”…it’s not always for the right reason. Last night’s 4th quarter exile to the bench against the Mavericks should give everyone a good indication of where Westbrook falls in the pantheon of point guards. Gutsy, gutsy move by Scott Brooks.

It would be nice to see the Denver Nuggets own Ty Lawson turn out to be among the best point guards in the league. I know the Nuggets have certainly put their eggs in Ty’s basket. While I hope Ty can be the guard that the Nuggets need to propel them to playoff greatness – theres just something in the back of my mind that’s bothering me. It has nothing to do with Lawson’s ability as a basketball player. It also has nothing to do with his diminutive size (Chris Paul is also small).

No. My concerns about Lawson reside internally. It’s about whether our point guard has the mental makeup and toughness, or dare I say, MEANNESS to be aggressive game in and game out during the season. Going in to Ty’s third season we are going have to see the full package. While we can always use the excuse of playing behind Chauncey Billups, or having a veteran like Raymond Felton behind you on the bench to explain away Ty’s relative timidity at times – but in reality it really is no excuse. Deferring like he does doesn’t foster aggressiveness. I hampers it. It makes no difference if Steve Nash or Derek Fisher is on your team. I figure the third year is put-up or shut-up time for point guards, no more “learning curve”. You need, or rather, MUST take control of the team and lead to take the team to the next level.

This is where our point guard is at. With the Nuggets currently in flux with their roster (very few players guaranteed to be on the roster for next season) NOW is the time for Ty to separate himself from the large average point guard pack. He needs to make this his team. Become the leader he needs to be because, and this should be self-evident, there's a very good chance if Ty doesn't lift the team up the team will fall in to the lottery for next season. Then, Ty's job will be even more in question.

Either way, I'm hoping against hope that Ty Lawson will soon become the point guard my fellow Stiffs think he can be. The leader of the pack.

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