Not much in terms of Nuggets related links this morning. Wile away your morning by indulging in news from around the NBA … plus a plea to understand hip-hop. Would my rap name be Smoove J?


Honestly, I think hip-hop since 1995 has completely eluded me. The closest I come is a lot of the Rhymesayers artists out of Minnesota. Atmosphere, Eydea and Abilities, Sage Francis … that sort of thing. As you can probably tell by my music selections in the Weekly Optimism posts I tend to go with instrument driven music. A few weeks back I thought seriously about putting a Bloc Party song on there. I thought better of it. So in this Golden Nuggets I will ask all of my hip-hop/rap loving fellow Nuggets fans to again educate me on the ways of the Grass hippidy hopper. On to the links!


Nuggets related

There’s No Place Like Denver for Nuggets Nene – Chris Dempsey, Denver Post
A blog post from the Post’s Chris Dempsey abound Nene preferring to retire in Denver. Although the article says nothing about the Denver Nuggets reciprocating.

Bryant is just being Bryant – Jeff Miller, Orange County Register
A good article coming from the greater Los Angeles area about Kobe Bryant's rant about Nuggets fans booing Carmelo (for the record, I HATE that he's being booed. I just wouldn't have expressed it the same way Kobe did)

Nuggets Play to Carmelo Anthony’s Strengths – Sebastian Pruiti,
Very insightful post from about the Nuggets “drawing up plays” designed specifically for Carmelo Anthony in the game against the Indiana Pacers.

Experiences help Harrington connect with Montbello students – Aaron J. Lopez,
A look at Al Harrington's journey to the NBA and him sharing his experiences with local high school kids in the Denver area.


NBA related

The NBA's Worst Contracts – Jason Fleming, Hoopsworld
(Thanks to Denver Stiffs reader ThrowItDownBigManThrowItDown for the heads up) a good write up about the worst current contracts in the NBA, and surprisingly there's not Nuggets on the list.

Indiana's Larry Bird Eager to Make Big Trade, Undecided about Future – Chris Tomasson, Fanhouse
A great interview by our buddy Chris Tomasson with Larry Legend. Pretty insightful about his future and plans for a big trade before the deadline. Will he call the Nuggets?


Jeff's Favorite Hip Hop/Rap songs

Slam – Onyx

You – Atmosphere

So What Cha Want – Beastie Boys

Airplane Mode – Flobots


Have a great morning everyone!