Blake Griffin, the most exciting young player to enter the NBA since … well, maybe ever tells Yahoo! Sports writer, and former Nuggets beat writer, Marc Spears that he grew up a fan of Martin’s back when Kenyon was playing at the University of Cincinnati. Click through and see what Martin said the difference is between Griffin’s game and his own.


Griffin’s highlight act draws retaliation – Marc J. Spears, Yahoo! Sports
Kenyon Martin never put up 47 points in an NBA game, let alone as a rookie like Blake Griffin did last night against the Indiana Pacers (on the second of a back-to-back no less). Some folks, Lamar Odom and Andre Miller to name a couple, have grown tired of Griffin’s constant hustle, but the man-beast continues to impress. No wonder the Clippers wanted no part of a Carmelo Anthony for Griffin swap … the Clippers would have been shortchanged!

Video: The Full Postgame Interview: Bart Scott Literally Flies Over to Sal Paolantonio after Jets Win – YouTube via ESPN
This isn't basketball related, but it's one hell of an interview by Jets linebacker Bart Scott after his team's win over the New England Patriots.

Buy Low, Sell High – Larry Yocum, Hotbox Sports
An interesting little list of NBA player values … Carmelo Anthony is the first name mentioned.

NBA Lockout Would Put $1B in TV Ad Revenue at Stake – Rich Thomaselli, Advertising Age
Some very interesting news on yet another aspect that will be effected with an NBA lockout. Nice number breakdowns of TV ad revenue, and product or merchandise revenue.

Avery Johnson Unaware of Any Potential Meetings Between Carmelo Anthony, Nets – Mike Cole NESN
Coaches are not always involved with the day-to-day activities of the front office. And frankly, would you let Johnson, aka The Little General, know that you're planning on trying to talk the defensively challenged Melo into accepting a trade to your team? You wouldn't want Johnson bringing up over lunch that he expects Melo to play defense or else … Melo would choke on his steak and probably walk out of the restaurant chuckling to himself.


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