I screamed myself hoarse at the Denver Nuggets miraculous win over the Dallas Mavericks last night. Good times were had by all.


I was sitting in the Pepsi Center, sitting in seats that were given to me at the last moment (thanks to that person). Time was standing still as Chauncey Billups was dribbling around the key in the last few seconds of the game. I had just assumed that CB1 would take the shot. Then, he passed to Arron Afflalo who dribbled to the wing and…

…the Pepsi Center exploded as the shot ripped the cords. I could see my fellow Denver Stiffs writer Andrew Feinstein with a look on his face I have rarely seen. Euphoria. Even the Nuggets Curmudgeon looked like he was floating on a cloud. The (much taller) guys standing on either side of me were slapping high fives over my head. Meanwhile I kept hearing this noise … It took me awhile to recognize that it was my own voice screaming "F**k yeah!! F**K yeah!!" over and over and over.

It was a great and electric feeling. Almost indescribable. Andy is right when he says that the atmosphere at the Can tonight was different than almost every other game this season. Carmelo Anthony's reaction was, in a word, priceless (after fouling out on what could be the most bogus foul call I've ever seen) and the ENTIRE team was in to it.

What a great win. Now, unfortunately, I have completely lost my voice. Hope it comes back soon. Here's some links to start your morning. Not alot this time, be sure and post all the "found" links you can in this section. If I've missed something (I'm writing this a two in the morning) then please post in the comments.



Nuggets related

Kiszla: Nuggets must quickly extend Coach Karl's contract – Mark Kiszla, Denver Post
Mark Kiszla writes a column I mostly agree with for a change. Adding that what's happened in the last season in the NBA (Including Jerry Sloan's sudden resignation) are too much. He also says this:

While Anthony has been ignorantly criticized for everything from being starstuck by the bright lights of New York to not wearing the pants in his family, the real issue might be harder for Stan Kroenke and Denver management to swallow.

Anthony lost faith in the dream of winning a title with the Nuggets and realizes Denver has placed a higher priority on reducing payroll costs in the next collective bargaining agreement than making a deep run in this year’s playoffs.

The NBA trade deadline is Feb. 24. Will that put an end to this Melodrama, instigated months ago when the Nuggets’ all-star forward refused to sign a $65 million contract extension?

Nuggets rally to beat Mavericks 121-120 on Afflalo’s buzzer-beater – Lindsay Jones, Denver Post
Broncos writer Lindsay Jones actually does a good job recapping the Nuggets thrilling victory over the Dallas Mavericks last night.
NBA related
Sloan resigning after clash with Williams – Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc J. Spears, Yahoo Sports
Probably the best summation of the sudden resignation of Jazz coach Jerry Sloans sudden and shocking departure from the team yesterday.
As NBA changed, Sloan stood his ground – Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo Sports
In a follow up article Woj explains how it’s not right to blame Deron Williams for Jerry Sloan’s departure from the Jazz.
Have a great morning everyone!