What’s a Denver Nuggets fan to do when every team you are chasing, and teams who are trailing (except Phoenix) lose? I suggest playing the spoons … or at least smile broadly. Yeah, that’s it. Smile.

Let’s see here, Northwest Division leaders the Oklahoma City Thunder lost, the New Orleans Hornets lost, the Portland Trail Blazers lost and the Memphis Grizzlies lost … all in the same day. Wow. Fortune smiles on the Sunday resting team. Is this a sign of good things to come? Who knows. Atlanta will be coming in from Portland on a back-to-back, the worst and most exhausting back-to-back in the NBA (pacific time zone to mountain time zone). I see things. Good things. The Nuggets moved back ahead of the Blazers and are only a half game behind the Hornets. The Nuggets also moved to within three games of the Thunder.

It’s interesting to see how this team will evolve. Today we have George Karl comparing Danilo Gallinari to Detlef Schrempf. So does that mean that our Gallo will sport a freshly cropped flat-top with tons of gel? Will that mean he will seek out Laphonso Ellis to push him into the first row? Schrempf was a good player, but I see Gallo with much more potential than George Karl’s favorite German small forward.

On with the links!

Nuggets Related

George Karl compares Danilo Gallinari to one of his favorite players – Benjamin Hochman, Denver Post
I'm sure Karl means well with this, but there are much more apt and current players who would probably compare nicely to Gallo.

Nuggets set high goal for playoff position – Benjamin Hochman, Denver Post
The Nuggets talk about winning the Northwest Division. I think that's still an unlikely goal, but you never know in this crazy NBA season. Always have hope.

Hochman: Former Nuggets aide Mosely has promising future – Benjamin Hochman, Denver Post
Ben Hochman is all over the Nuggets this morning. In this one he talks about former assistant Jamahl Mosely and his fast track to becoming an NBA head coach. Good quotes from Byron Scott in this one.

Nuggets coach could testify in Wisconsin – Chicago Tribune
A bizarre story about damaged property in a building still owned by George Karl in Milwaukee. It begs one question … why does George Karl own a building in Milwaukee? I'm aware he used to coach there, but … come on now.

NBA Related

Scaling back existing salaries: A two-way street – Matt Tolnick, Hoopshype.com
Matt Tolnick of HoopsHype talks about the owners potentially wanting to scale back existing player contracts (like the NHL did in 2004). Tolnick floats the interesting idea of allowing affected "scaled back" players the option to "opt out" of their existing deals if the owners win that concession from the Union. 

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban calls writer 'coward' on twitter – Dallas Morning News blog
In the "this only happens to Mark Cuban" category we have the owner of the Mav's getting into a twitter slapfight with a writer. Reasons for the dust up are unclear.

Maloof’s in the House – Cowbell Kingdom (Sacramento Kings blog)
Just a short article about a rally to keep the Kings in Sacramento at ARCO. Lots and lots of cowbells. The reason I post this article is to point out how sad it is that small market teams are succumbing to the NBA’s awful revenue sharing system. Address. This. FIRST!


Finally, in order to get everyone hyped and psyched for the stretch run , I've decided to feature each game of the 2009 playoffs that the Nuggets played in my Golden Nuggets posts. Starting one of my favorite Nuggets games of all time, Game 1 verses the New Orleans Hornets. Eight three pointers by Chauncey…good memories. Enjoy the highlights.

New Orleans @ Denver : Game 1 Highlights (via coronaftw)

Have a great morning!