Trying to figure out who the Nuggets will open against as the No. 5 seed? Well, it’s down to either the Oklahoma City Thunder or the Dallas Mavericks. Let’s keep it simple: If Mavs win tonight (vs. Hornets) the Nuggets play OKC. If Dallas loses and OKC wins (vs. Milwaukee), Denver will play Dallas – because I said so and I’m always right (except when I’m wrong).

If you have yet to read Andrew's Stiffy Awards, go do so right now. You get his awards plus the genius award picks from Andrew, Jeff, and myself.


While putting these links together you all must be wondering what I'm doing? Well, contrary to the popular belief of one critic – I'm not listening to Limp Bizkit. I'm actually jamming to Foster The People and The Limousines. Let this track, "Pumped Up Kicks" play as you read some morning links … 

Lots of injury talk and some good quotes from George Karl on his rotation ideas for the playoffs. I have to remind myself that the playoffs bring out a different beast in different players. The Nuggets have some key guys who will be making their playoff debuts this weekend – notably Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler (and perhaps my boy Timofey Mozgov – The Moz as I call him, although he has no clue who the eff I am.)


Some good quotes from the players themselves on their injury statues. Interesting sidenote – at the gym today I was putting a different grip on the lat pull-down machine and cut my thumb on the stupid thing. Not only are the Nugget players getting hurt, but apparently the clown that writes about them is as well – watch out Jeff and Andrew, this injury thing is coming for us all … Final Destination style!


Andrew did a great job gathering up the Denver Stiffs crews’ picks – now see what the guys at think.


P-Jax steals a page from Andrew Feinstein and talks about all the in-game unnecessary garbage. I have to agree with my colleague and the ring master. Give me old school arenas or give me death – by chocolate. Death by chocolate sounds tasty.


I was a huge card collecting dork when I was a kid. The best part of trading cards was trading among your friends – and if you dared, your enemies too! These new video cards are not really yours, if you can’t hold them and touch them then you don’t really have them do you? I’m getting old – get off my lawn you damn kids!


Bynum is hurt? The playoffs must be near! Hey Dax, if you can heal up your shoulder, grow about a foot, and get some basketball talent beyond fouling and bricking shots you can go suit up for your favorite team. Dax is my friend from Sacramento who claims to be a Lakers fan. He now wants chicken pox so he can be like Steve Blake.


This is an absolute travesty! Chauncey Billups should win this award every year, even after he retires. Had he not been traded away from Denver then he would of had this one in the bag. I blame Carmelo Anthony for this! I say we all head down to Atlanta and steal this award and give it to its rightful owner. Actually, if we take the award I’ll keep it for myself – getting this community to unite to steal the award should be an award. (This rant came pre-soaked in sarcasm.)


The article points out Simmons won the 2005 Most Improved Player award and that Simmons earned roughly $50 million during his playing career. I hate to be the one to break it to you Bobby, but if you can’t make it with the Spurs then you just can’t make it man. They give everyone a shot and they turn garbage into beautiful baseball fields where kids can run and play. Time to hang ’em up for good Mr. Simmons.


You know where I think Kemba should wind up?! Who cares – the Nuggets are in the playoffs!


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