The New York Daily News is reporting that the NBA plans to cancel two more weeks of games and that announcement could come as soon as today (Oct. 25th). We’ll take a look after the jump as to what that means for Nuggets Nation. And thanks to reader Nugzin2040 (hope that’s not a championship prediction) for the links to Ty Lawson’s mess in Lithuania and Kenneth Faried continuing to look good in exhibition games – click here.

Here is a snippet from ESPN about the latest news on cancellations: 

According to the Daily News’ source, this latest cancellation would total at least 102 games and run through Nov. 28.

The source told the Daily News that the NBA will announce the latest cancellation of games on Tuesday.

Tuesday, sources with knowledge of the situation told ESPN’s Chris Broussard that representatives for the NBA owners and players talked Monday. The sources did not say whether the parties met in person or spoke over the telephone, but said the discussions were lengthy and related to collective bargaining.

Full link here.

What a bummer right? So, that will be over 200 regular season games cancelled as a whole. Great job by David Stern there right? As Jeff Morton pointed out in his interview with Johnny Ballgame last week, this has marked the third lockout by owners under Stern's watch since he took over as commissioner for Larry O'Brien in 1984. That's three lockouts in 27 years, a nice big black-eye for The Commish. 

For Nuggets fans, this means an addition seven games will be chopped, for now. Let's take a look at the total games cancelled thus far for Nuggets fans:

First batch of cancelled games (5 games):

Nov. 3rd @ Portland: Always a tough game for the Nuggs, but typically an exciting game.

Nov. 5th vs. Golden State: An exciting young team with a couple high scorers in Monta Ellis and sweet shooting Stephen Curry.

Nov. 7th vs. Cavaliers: The chance for Nuggets fans to see first overall pick Kyrie Irving live at Pepsi Center are gonzo.

Nov. 9th vs. Portland: An early would-be re-match with the Blazers is gone and Raymond Felton’s return to Denver is delayed.

Nov. 11th @ L.A. Lakers: Always a fun game in LaLa Land … as Kobe Bryant gets older, Denver fans have less chances to boo him.

Latest batch of games that could be cancelled as soon as today (7 games):

Nov. 16th vs. New York Knicks: Melo’s return to Denver would now have to take place in the NBA Finals … (always the optimist?)

Nov. 18th @ Oklahoma City: The first chance for Denver to get a little revenge for their 2010 playoff exit is gone and also an important division game.

Nov. 19th vs. Washington: Your chance to see exciting second year player John Wall at the Pepsi Center isn’t going to happen.

Nov. 21st @ L.A. Clippers: Another exciting young team with playoff aspirations that features Eric Bledsoe, Eric Gordon, DeAndre Jordan, and Slam-Dunk champ Blake Griffin … would have been a good one.

Nov. 22nd vs. Chicago: Derrick Rose’s only trip to the Pepsi Center is now gone.

Nov. 25th vs. Dallas: The reigning NBA Champs first visit to Denver is now just a dream.

Nov. 27th vs. New Orleans: Chris Paul and Company wont be playing at the Pepsi Center on this night.

The new season opener:

Nov. 29th vs. Indiana Pacers – let’s see if this actually happens.

Instead of an 82 game season for the Nuggets … they now have 70 games on the schedule. I'm not sure what the rest of the league looks like for those dates, but I'm sure there would have to be some additional cancellations or additions to get a set number of contests for all teams.

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