Amidst a flurry of recently positive national articles on the Denver Nuggets, it’s time to educate the people who still seem to think Denver resides in the old west.

As I was scanning for articles to put in this morning's Golden Nuggets, I stumbled upon two Wall Street Journal articles (linked below) talking about our new-look Denver Nuggets. Great, I thought, now people are starting to pay attention.

They ARE paying attention. Yet, I have noticed that people who reside on the east coast tend to not know much about the Denver area. In one of the WSJ articles they referred to Denver as both "remote" and "In the mountains" … both of which are untrue. How can a city of nearly 3 million people be "remote"? Also, Denver is adjacent to the mountains, not IN them. Technically the Denver Metro area resides in the great plains. The misconceptions are quite plentiful. Yet, we are here to educate.

A couple more things I'd like to clear up. First off, Denver is not "cold" like Alaska or northern Canada. We have winter, yes, but I'd wager our winters are more mild than the one's in say … New York (we definitely seem to get less snow). Additionally I'd like to say that not all of the residents listen to either Country music or wear cowboy hats all the time. In fact I can count on one hand the amount of times I've seen people in Cowboy hats in Denver the last 10 years.

There's this image that our fair stat is still in the Old West. Where we don't have paved roads. Live on farms or in a filthy dust filled city … and people go to the local "saloon" for the night's entertainment. Well, ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit … but it feels like people treat Denver and Colorado way too much like a fly over state than the great city and state most of us know it to be.

I'm sure my fellow stiffs will fill in some more blanks for those who want to know more about the state of Colorado and the city of Denver. Place your thoughts below in the comments.

On with the links!

Nuggets Related

Carmelo Anthony's Departure Hardly Proves Fatal – David Roth, Wall Street Journal
In the first of the Wall Street Journal articles, this entry details the Nuggets ability to excel even after they traded their "superstar".

Ex-Knicks on a Rocky Mountain High – Jason Gay, Wall Street Journal
Essentially the same article as the one above, but this one concentrates on the ex-Knicks instead of the old Nuggets.

Nuggets streak past Hawks with major help from J.R. Smith – ESPN
Great quotes in this article from Kenyon Martin and a nice back and forth between George Karl and Arron Afflalo.

Nuggets Fan Mail: George Karl Answers questions about J.R. Smith and chemistry – Denver Post
George Karl says some complimentary things about J.R. and waxes about team chemistry and "go-to" guys.

Woody's Mailbag: Nuggets have potential to be a great team next year – Woody Paige, Denver Post
Woody Paige talks about the Nuggets of next season, and makes an interesting statement at the very end

I see a team that wins about 50 games again next year, a team that could make more noise in the playoffs. I see a team people love to watch, but, on the other side, how long will these young players be content to split time and not make a fortune? That time will come again. Get used to it.

Nuggets keep on rolling, win 102-87 in Atlanta – Benjamin Hochman, Denver Post
Recap from Ben Hochman at the Post. Great quote from Kenyon Martin:

You can hear it in the locker room, as after Wednesday's 102-87 win at Atlanta, when Denver's Kenyon Martin said, "It's fun to play basketball the right way — always has been, always will be.

"It just makes everyone want to play that much harder on the defensive end. On the bench, we're talking it out if there's a problem. We're just making adjustments on the fly. We're all staying together."


Have a fantastic day everyone!
Jeff Morton