The MeloDrama continues to heat up as Channel 7’s Lionel Bienvenu jumps the gun and Peter Vecsey calls out Chris Sheridan and the New Jersey Nets acquire more first-round picks. J.R. Smith back to the Bulls? Dwight Howard is done with the dunk contest. And lots of other NBA news floating around the interwebs.

Like Jeff Morton typically does around here, a little music for you as you breeze through this post. Figured I'd share what I was jamming to with y'all. Song title sort of reminds me of the Nuggets situation right now: Wandering Aimless by Hot Cheeze Soup (local Colorado band).



Nuggets related links:

Took a quick opportunity on Twitter to drop Denver Post Nuggets beat writer Chris Dempsey a question:
Absolutely. Those wheels are already in motion. RT @
: @ if/when Melo traded, Karl still wanting extension?”
If you’re having an issue with reading that … even if/when Melo traded, Karl will still get extension.

Video: George Karl Discusses Basketball Unification – Ken Berger, CBS
Pretty nice video interview w/ Karl here talking the evolution of the NBA down the road.

Carmelo Anthony Trade Rumor Immediately Deemed False by Nuggets – Chris Tomasson, Fanhouse
Pretty self explanatory title. More reporters jump the gun to be the first to break Melo story and Tomasson does the actual work to be accurate.

Denver TV Station yells fire in Carmelo theatre – CBS Sports
The local CBS mess gets into the jumping the gun on the Melo deal or no deal that was "reported."

Krieger: Nuggets' fans know when to fold 'em – Dave Krieger, Denver Post
I seem to remember reader GoldenNugget refering to the Kenny Rogers jam Kreiger seems to reference in the title here with his nice article that looks at Melo's post-Magic game from the background as Melo deals with the circus that he's helped to create this season. 

Nuggets' Billups expects to sit out a week – Chris Dempsey, Denver Post
We all know by now that Billups will be out at least a week, but according to Billups he wishes it could be longer … click to read how long and why.

The Works: The Knicks Need Carmelo Anthony, Not Chris Paul – Bethlehem Shoals, Fanhouse
Shoals, an NBA blogger, makes the case of why the Knicks should focus on Melo and not CP3 and more NBA rumblings.

Knicks don’t have best shot at ‘Melo – Peter Vecsey, New York Post
Vecsey takes some serious shots at fellow journalist Chris Sheridan of ESPN and makes some valid points about the Knicks acquiring Carmelo Anthony … or rather how New York might not be the best fit for Melo.

Carmelo Doesn't Believe Trade Imminent Denies Ultimatum About Knicks – Chris Tomasson, Fanhouse
Tomasson's piece where he actually talks to Melo (Sheridan might want to try that) about the NY rumors and some quotes from Melo about staying in Denver.

No punishment for Amar'e after chippy game – Alan Hahn,
Remember that play during the Nuggets vs. Knicks tilt on Sunday where Amar'e Stoudemire shoved Nene out of bounds? Well, the NBA league office reviewed tapes from that game, but didn't suspend anyone or hand out any more punishment. Had Amar'e been given a technical after that foul, it would have been his second and he would have been ejected.

Knicks face reality check, MeloDrama – Chris Sheridan, ESPN New York
Jeff Morton's favorite reporter is back with more nameless sources for this tidbit, "A league source told that Denver also is in discussions with Chicago regarding a J.R. Smith trade…" Sheridan continues to defend his Melo talk and is putting his entire reputation on the line … will be very interesting to see how this shakes out.

Nets closing in on multiple picks for Melo deal – Ken Berger, CBS
The man some Nets fans were pointing to as a key player in a Melo trade, Terrence Williams, has been traded and the three-team deal could have tipped the Nets over the top for a trade with Denver (from Denver’s standpoint at least). The key part of the story, “The Nets now have their own first-round picks in the next two drafts — one of which could be traded to Denver — plus Golden State’s 2012 first-rounder, Houston’s lottery-protected 2012 first-round pick and a 2011 first-rounder from the Lakers.”

Jason Kosmicki, Twitter
Kosmicki posts a picture of the golden ball trophy presented to George Karl just before tipoff the Magic game for his 1,000th career win. Pretty classy right there.

Dec. 15 trade-eligible shopping list – Ken Berger, CBS
Wondering why you keep seeing the Dec. 15th date mentioned along with Melo trade talk? Well, Berger provides some insight into the names that are available and how the whole thing looks.


NBA League-Wide News

N.B.A. Players Voting on Step Toward Dissolving Union – Howard Beck, The New York Times
Union mulls decertification as contentious labor talks drag on – Chris Mannix,
What does this mean? I'll let this little tidbit from the SI article explain, "Decertifying the union would prevent a lockout, but at great risk." And, "Once the union was disbanded, the players would be able to sue the owners under antitrust laws and challenge the league’s restrictions on salaries and player movement. Without a collectively bargained contract, those rules would be considered illegal restraints of trade."

Phil Jackson Welcomes 'John Doe'; Sasha Vujacic Surprised by Trade – Michael Katz, Fanhouse
Going from the back-to-back champs to the New Jersey chumps isn't much of a prize for Vujacic, but he gets to complain to Maria Sharapova … not a bad trade off.

The 50 most influential people in sports business – Street & Smith's SportsBusiness Journal
Any surprise that Roger Goodell comes in at No. 1 as he's doing whatever he wants with NFL league rules? NBA commish David Stern comes in at No. 3 this year … and only NBA name in Top 10.

Dwight Howard Says He’s ‘Retired for Life’ From Dunk Contest – Chris Tomasson, Fanhouse
I don’t think anyone will miss Howard, so long as Blake Griffin steps in …

NBA AM: Sixers Not Trading Iguodala – Steve Kyler, Hoopsworld
The IguoDrama has been hanging around Philadelphia even longer than the MeloDrama. I got a chance to watch the Sixers last week and that’s a nice young team. The 26 year-old Andre Iguodala is the leader of that team and would be a nice addition to a lot of teams, but Philly is smart for wanting to keep him.

Are the New Jersey Nets becoming the ‘Brooklyn New Yorkers?’ – Kelly Dwyer, Ball Don’t Lie: Yahoo! Sports
This would have to qualify as the worst name change since Prince ditched his name in favor of a symbol or since the Bullets went to the Wizards or the Jazz refusing to change names once they moved to Utah or have you seen any Grizzly bears in Memphis?

I’ve been following Pincus, a Lakers and Clippers specialist and NBA at large, on Twitter and he always has some good stuff to say. He even weighs in on the MeloDrama and discusses Derrick Favors.



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