Welcome to another week of Golden Nuggets where we take a look around the web at some of the best Denver Nuggets related content.

It’s been a rough start for Cade Cunningham

The Nuggets are on the road this week and one of their opponents will be the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons are led by former number one overall pick Cade Cunningham. A trendy pick for most improved player of the year before the season started, Cunningham has yet to live up to expectations and has faltered a bit to start the season. Over at Fansided, N.B. Lindberg breaks down Cunningham’s start and what hasn’t went right.

The Alley-Oop Pod has insight on two Nuggets opponents this week

Speaking of the Pistons, our good friend Ryan Blackburn has quite a few videos up over at the Alley-Oop Youtube channel on the central division. Denver faces the Cleveland Cavaliers today and the Pistons tomorrow so this is good insight for teams Denver doesn’t get a chance to play all that often. Make sure to subscribe to the Alley-Oop pod as well.

The Nuggets are trying to find the balance between competing and youth

The Nuggets bench has had it’s ups and downs this year and lately it’s been mostly down. Last week Jeff Morton pointed out that with Denver going all in on youth with their backups you’re bound to get these inconsistencies. Matt Brooks wrote his own piece on NBA.com on the subject this week providing a counterpoint. He argues that with the new CBA, Denver has limited options and so seeking to develop on the fly with guys on rookie contracts gives Denver the best chance to be competitive, stay within the confines of the salary cap and still maintain some continuity with the bench group.

Ismael Kamagate finding his way in Euroleague

Another member of Denver’s youth movement who isn’t with the team is draft and stash prospect Ismael Kamagate. He was selected in the second round of the 2022 NBA draft and has spent his time continuing to develop his skills in Europe. Kamagate made the jump from the LNB to the LBA this year and plays for Olimpia Milano under the tutelage of legendary European coach Ettore Messina. EuroHoops checked in with Kamagate this week to talk about making the transition to Italy from Paris, playing in the NBA Summer League and learning from some Euroball greats.

Wade & Williamson drops clean Nuggets alternate jersey

It’s amazing what level of jerseys we can get when it’s not some Nike intern mailing it in a day before the deadline. Our friends over at Wade & Williamson put together this sleek alternate jersey design that is light year’s ahead of the City Edition jersey the Nuggets actually wear. It’s a nice, clean take on the classic 80s rainbow unis and would have been sure to be a fan favorite if it was what Denver actually could wear on the court. Luckily for us, Wade & Williamson did make this jersey available to purchase so as fans we can at least make the dream of wearing this thing a reality. Check out the W&W site here and pick up some new threads!