The Nuggets are at an important crossroads. The most important one in recent memory – rebuild or try to win now. The direction the Nuggets take may surprise us.

About two months ago, I advocated the Denver Nuggets embrace rebuilding because of the uncertain future of the franchise. I still think rebuilding is the most prudent way to go (considering the Nuggets low payroll which is anywhere from $28 to $32 million currently) and where the Nuggets talent is at the current moment. Last year’s playoff series against the Oklahoma City Thunder exposed the lack of “special” on this team that can carry the day in the playoffs…

Or did it?

If Denver manages to retain both Nene Hilario and Arron Afflalo they will have an intriguing mix of youth and veterans. It remains to be seen if Danilo Gallinari can blossom into the player that the Nuggets believe that he can be. With the Nuggets also (speculated by Steve Kyler on twitter) to make a substantial offer to Thaddeus Young (presumably to replace J.R. Smith) I’m not getting the feeling the Nuggets management is in “rebuilding” mode. This is both a risky and tantalizing way to go.

All in all, until we see all these players in camp we won’t know what to say or think. There will be a slap-dash feeling to the beginning of the year because of the lockout. With 66 games can you get a true feel about where this team is? Or will anything accomplished this season be taken with a grain of salt (much like the Spurs first championship in 1999). I’m excited and nervous at the same time.

We shall see.

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Details of Amnesty provision emerge – Zach Lowe,
The great Zach Lowe of breaks down the amnesty provision in the new CBA. An informative and comprehensive read.

Nene, Chandler weighing options after fallouts with former teams – Sam Amick,
Ignore the inflammatory title. The latest from Sam Amick reveals that Nene had a positive meeting with the Nuggets this week and that it is "probable" that the Nuggets retain the Brazilian big man. Fingers crossed folks.

Nuggets will begin the season Dec. 26th against the Dallas Mavericks – Benjamin Hochman, Denver Post
Benjamin Hochman (Hooch) details the Nuggets just-released schedule. Andrew Feinstein will have a further breakdown of the schedule later on today. Must read.

Bill Simmons breaks down the third day of Christmas- Bill Simmons, Grantland
Bill Simmons gives Arron Afflalo some nice publicity nationally. Good for AAA. However Simmons (as has been usual lately…very disappointed in him) makes erroneous conclusions, forgets that Ray Felton no longer plays for the Nuggets among others. Good for you Bill. Intellectual capital.

Colorado Sports guys talk about Broncos, NUGGETS, and some hockey team
You know, there's a guy named Nate Timmons. He's a writer and a well-known podcaster. If you aren't aware of him you should get to know his podcast. Colorado Sports Guys. Along with Ross Martin's dulcet tones you get informative talk, and an all around good time. Well worth checking out.

According to twitter Gallo is now in town and he's c-c-c-colllld. I think that brings most of the key players in town! Lets. Get. This. GOIN!!

(Little side note: I will be in Vegas this weekend, so I will miss the start of camp. I will depend on my fellow Stiffs and Stiffs writers to keep me informed and abreast!)

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