Get the popcorn ready folks. Golden Nuggets are going to take you on a magical ride of movie delight that is unmatched in the annals of history.

…or not.

How is Jeff going to tie bad movies in with basketball you ask?

Well, I tell you – I didn’t. I can only write so many “Please pay attention to the Nuggets” articles before I start repeating myself. It’s getting to the point where we KNOW that the National Media tends to brush aside the Nuggets and it’s REALLY annoying. Yet, we must keep things fresh here at Denver Stiffs. Therefore I will no longer waste anyone’s time bitching about Melo or the Knicks either. We have so many more things to talk about. So in keeping with that I’d like to remind everyone why bad movies make the world a better place. Yep. FRESH!

If Mystery Science Theater 3000 and or my colleague Nate Timmons’ rather puzzling liking of the Fast and Furious movies have taught us anything – it’s that life is too short to take anything too seriously. Every once in awhile some “film” comes along that is just … so … bad, that it either forces you to question the existence of God OR it teaches you to laugh at life.

I’ll start us off with an MST3K feature on a movie called Space Mutiny:

MST3K – 0820 – Space Mutiny (via thebatchtube)

As you can see, this movie is so terrible that making fun of it is the only recourse. Plus, from what I understand the “space battle” scenes were stock footage from the original Battlestar Galactica. The movie was so bad it was released under 4 different titles and was filmed in apartheid era South Africa. Hahaha – if you can’t laugh at that I don’t know what’s wrong with ya.

Next we have the sci-fi movie Krull.

Krull – Ride Of The Firemares (via metallian84)

Poor dubbing you say? Fuzzy “monster” that looks like it comes from a cheap projector? Dialog so bad that the script should have been burned prior to filming? Liam Neeson in an early role? Well, if you ask me this movie just has it all.

Finally I will nominate this following movie for my favorite “bad” movie of all time.

Evil Dead 2 – Groovy (via leftnut13)

Now. Evil Dead II is only bad if you replace the word “bad” with AWESOME! This movie has a possessed hand. Laughing taxidermy. A headless corpse dancing the ballet and Bruce Friggin’ Campbell. Yeah baby. The only way this move could be MORE awesome is if they named all subsequent movies after this masterpiece and held a yearly festival in it’s honor. It’s that good!

Ok…enough of this. On with the links!

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Have a groovy morning!

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