While the Denver Nuggets continue their roll with defeating the New Orleans Hornets last night … Mike D’Antoni wonders why the Knicks don’t share the ball.


Point of order: I was never a fan of trading Carmelo Anthony.

Truth be told it was because the “Favors-ed” trade (see what I did there?) with the Nets was a total rebuild and I don’t see Derrick Favors panning out to be everything my fellow Stiffs deemed him to be. While I wasn’t particularly fond of the New York Knicks trade either, and I have to say I’m have been pleasantly surprised that the players have fit in so well. One must say, however, that the Nuggets existing key players (Arron Afflalo, Kenyon Martin, Nene, J.R. Smith, Chris Andersen) are showing just how talented they are. It’s great to see. And Raymond Felton is the bomb … yeah, I said it.

On the flip side we have the Knicks, who seem to be struggling to beat bad teams, and beating great teams. Hmmmmm … what or who does that remind you of? Why, it was the Nuggets of the last season and a half (before the trade). While I refuse to put the whole blame on Melo (because that's lazy analysis and the Knicks woes are only partially his fault) it must be said that Melo's ball stopping must come to an end if he's to co-exist with a player as talented as Amar'e. Who know's if this will happen? What we do know is the Knicks will continue to beat the good teams because that is what the Nuggets tended to do.

When Melo starts playing the same way against the bad teams as he does the good, then the Knicks will have a potential good team on their hands.

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Title of the link says it all. A toe fracture is very hard to come back from because it's a lingering injury. Hopefully our Gallo can come back and be his dynamic self.

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Ben Hochman discusses the Nuggets chances of doing damage in the playoffs.

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Knicks Have the Stars, but not the Answers – Howard Beck, New York Times
Howard Beck discusses the eerily similar issues the New York Knicks are having since the Carmelo Anthony trade that the Nuggets had when Melo was on the team.

Tracy McGrady: Onus on NBA owners in labor negotiations – Vincent Goodwill, The Detroit News
Tracy McGrady weighs in on the NBA Labor issue. Points out (strange it’s taken this long) that the owners problems are with themselves, and that the owners should take a look at themselves before they go after the players. He also pointed out the “save us from ourselves” mentality the owners have. Quote:

He cited the way owners were doling out huge contracts this summer, and at the same time claiming losses up to $400 million. Atlanta’s Joe Johnson, an All-Star but not a superstar, signed a max deal this summer (six years, $119 million).

At the other end, former Piston Amir Johnson got a five-year, $34 million deal. Up until this season, he never averaged more than 6.2 points and 4.8 rebounds. In other words, nobody’s forcing owners to offer these deals.

“You’re the owner, you’re the boss,” McGrady said. “You come at us with a proposal with what we’re worth, either you give that to us or you don’t. It’s up to you.”

More to come on this subject Stiffs.


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