I found myself a bit wistful after last night’s victory over the Milwaukee Bucks. Thinking about the last seven and a half years of Nuggets basketball…


Could it really be 2003 that our 17 win Nuggets team drafted Carmelo Anthony? That’s amazing to think about. That first year the Nuggets went from that 17 win team I described to 42 wins. A fantastic turnaround. Since then we as Nuggets fans have seen our team go to the playoffs every year. Only two other teams have had longer playoff streaks than us. The mind boggles.

I can’t help but get a bit sad. I’m not going to sit here and be critical of Melo. He gave us what he gave us, and no amount of glass half full hindsight hating will do me any good. It’s time to just look at what we had and remember that it was a good time to be at the Pepsi Center … seeing Melo drain 18 foot jumpers to beat the likes of the Lakers (in 07) and most recently the Bulls this season. It’s also been great to see a fan base re-energized after 13 seasons of excruciating basketball. The city of Denver began caring about the Nuggets again and despite all that you hear about this being a Broncos town the Nuggets have always had a place. People just needed a reason to come see the games besides Rocky. Melo gave us that reason.

So, whatever happens, thank you Melo.

On with the links

Nuggets Related

Kiszla: The winter of sports discontent – Mark Kiszla, Denver Post
Well, Mark Kiszla pens an epitaph of sorts for various stars that are leaving Denver. He lumps in Champ Bailey and Peter Forsberg in with Melo. Yep….that's Kiz.

Carmelo Anthony's 38 lift Nuggets over Bucks – Lindsay Jones, Denver Post
Another recap for those who lust for the recap

Karl now an ambassador to finding cure for cancer – Denver Post
An article marking the one year anniversary of Coach George Karl announcing that he had cancer.

Nets resume talks for Anthony – Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo Sports
Adrian Wojnarowski, or as I like to call him “Nets PR guy” has another article out detailing renewed interest between the Nuggets and Nets. I can’t take much more of these articles.

Knicks, Amar'e Stoudemire need Carmelo Anthony says 'Nique – Mitch Lawrence, New York Daily News
Title is self – explanatory. Dominique Wilkins weighs in on the Melo trade issues

Sullivan: Carmelo stakes high for Hudson River rivals – Tara Sullivan, North Jersey.com
Yes, this article is a perfect example of one of the MANY reasons this Melocalypse has grown quite exhausting. A columnist saying Carmelo is part of the rivalry between the Knicks and the Nets. Pffff…hello, he’s in Denver folks. Stop picking at the corpse of the Nuggets aye?

Trade buzz: Swap not only way Melo may end up with Knicks – Ken Berger, CBSSports.com
You were probably thinking. Where's a Ken Berger article? He's usually sniffing around this Melodrama stuff right? Never fear, Ken Berger is here with a rehashed about Melo going to NY via (gasp!) free agency! Be still my heart.


That's all the Melo links I could tolerate this morning. Have a good one everybody. Remember, as always, to post links in the comments section if you find them. This is a place for links galore!