Now that the Denver Nuggets have entered into a new era of basketball with the trade of Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups, the question we should be asking is …

… why stop there?


Seriously. The Nuggets need to turn the page. There's something brand new going on, even though some of the characters in this play are the same – the script is different. There's something fresh about the way this team plays. There's something fresh about this approach to Nuggets basketball that calls for wholesale change. The following is a series of things I would address going forward:

1. The Nuggets may need either a logo change, or change of team colors. Just like Melo’s rookie year ushered in a new uniform and logo, maybe it’s time the Nuggets look to another change. When the NBA emerges from whatever labor dispute happens after this season, I want these “new” Nuggets to be represented by a brand spanking new logo and team colors. I’d like to see something that speaks to where this team is now. Personally, I would love it if they brought back the rainbow skyline to harken back to the old days of Alex English and Fat Lever, but I’d be happy with just about anything (except some variations of brown … bleh!).

2. The "in-game" entertainment is, to put it kindly, sub-par. Outside of Rocky the entertainment seems to be hackneyed and the exact opposite of entertaining. I know that my collegue, Andrew Feinstein, has been very vocal about this issue and he's right on point! I hope that the Nuggets usher in a new and better era of in-game entertainment. I was at the Dallas game in February and they had an atrocious "hypnotist" act during halftime. It was – tragically bad.

3. I seem to remember talking about this before the season, but the slogan "Can You Feel It?" needs to go. Enough already. Time for a new and better one. Something that fits these Nuggets and what they mean to the city. I think this is an important part of marketing. The city of Denver (and by extension the ticket buying public) needs to have something that not only identifies with the team, but makes the fans a part of the experience as well. Coming out of any potential work stoppage the Nuggets will have to work hard to win back disaffected fans. This would be a smart step.

These are simple steps. Outside of basketball matters, such as re-signing players and scouting for the draft, starting anew and relieving yourselves of the vestiges of the past can really spark the fan base. The entire Nuggets fan base in energized – and there's no better time to engender good will than right now.

Any ideas Stiffs?


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