As the Denver Nuggets keep winning, the more they build a reputation as a team you don’t want to face in the playoffs. That’s a good thing


So the Nuggets are starting to build a reputation as a “dangerous” team. Interesting, considering most of the established media wrote the Nuggets off after the trade it’s a small bit of vindication. Considering the quality of players they received, you’d think that the media … who watched this players every day in New York would have higher regard for what they gave up. To their credit, even Knicks fans understood the value of what they gave up. Why didn’t their media?

That point aside, it’s intriguing that the media dismissed the role our existing players had in making the Nuggets what they were the last couple of seasons. Specifically such talent as Arron Afflalo who was coming into his own until he suffered that hamstring strain. Nene who was having the best year of his career. The defensive stalwart (when healthy) Kenyon Martin. Ty Lawson who was given a chance to come into his own, and the ever explosive J.R. Smith who can take a game over by himself when his head is on straight. Why was that remaining talent dismissed by the so-called experts?

My objections to the New Jersey trade were that it was a complete rebuild trade, and it would be doing a disservice to the remaining talent on this team. I’ve never been convinced of Derrick Favors value, and Devin Harris is a serviceable point guard. Nothing spectacular. Some of the Nets picks that they would give up are lottery protected and … well, as a long-time Nuggets fan, gambling on the draft has often proven to be a fruitless experience.

I must admit to going back and forth on the value of the Knicks players we were getting, and I think every Stiff must be honest and say that these players have been a great surprise. I have a new crush (Danilo Gallinari). A new fan favorite who never sees time (Timofey Mozgov). A solid small forward / two-guard (Wilson Chandler) and a starter who’s playing back up (Raymond Felton). Not bad at all.

I'm enjoying watching this team, and we shall see if they stay together. I suggest that everyone just enjoy watching this team now, and now think too long and hard about the future. Lets enjoy that we are the team that no one wants to face. Lets enjoy that we are the "dangerous" team out there.

I know I am.

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In honor of our new Nuggets, and to get you hyped … here's some Celebration Day.


Led Zeppelin – Celebration Day Live (via cherifuji)


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