With the ever more disgruntled Dwight Howard making noises of his unhappiness in Orlando maybe the Nuggets can…



Seriously, the Nuggets would have no shot at signing Howard without Carmelo Anthony, and a slim shot even with Melo here. Let’s face it, Denver just isn’t an attractive market for NBA players. It’s a weird anomaly because the Broncos (until Josh McDaniels did his best to destroy the legacy) were considered to be a model NFL franchise up until two years ago. That is not because players were “forced” to sign in Denver because of some archaic pay structure that Stan Kroenke envisions for the NBA. Free agents wanted to come to Denver because it was just a well run organization at the time.

Maybe the Nuggets have missed the point. The Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, even the Dallas Mavericks are all considered to be well run organizations with clear power structures. Granted, all but one are in major markets, but look at the New York Knicks. They have struggled for years to lure free agents to the Garden because they were so poorly run (Donnie Walsh has gone a long way to fix that) and they are in the number one market in the U.S.

Melo is walking out that door regardless. Maybe after he's gone the Nuggets and Stan Kroenke can look at themselves and fix the perception they are weak, chaotic and incompetent. Until the Nuggets tend to their own house, they can't even think about luring free agents. Period.


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