What’s a Nuggets fan to do when the team has been eliminated from the playoffs? Read links posted in Golden Nuggets with the usual dry wit from yours truly


Not much to say for today’s Golden Nuggets. I’m still unwinding from the Nuggets loss on Wednesday night. It’s still hard to believe the Nuggets won’t be playing basketball. However, we must send our congrats to the Thunder and wish them the best of luck against their second round opponent. I wish every player the best, except for Russell Westbrook because – well – you know.

The Front Office has some big questions they need to answer. Primarily what to do with Nene, Arron Afflalo, Raymond Felton, Wilson Chandler and Kenyon Martin. That’s alot of players who are in limbo, and the Nuggets need to decide who they value most. Who they want to keep and who they want to trade for assets. Remember, by making the trade with the Knicks the Nuggets decided (in effect) against rebuilding. Let’s see how they manage this in the off season.

Meanwhile, the NBA playoffs trudge on and we see the Lakers, Mavericks and Hawks (!) move on last night. Seeing these playoffs unfold makes me understand how much of a better matchup the Mavs would have been for the Nuggets than the Thunder. They just seem to have it over the Mavs. It’s weird to see a team that scuffled so much down the stretch move on instead of a team that was hot.

That's the NBA I suppose.


Have a great morning everyone.


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What's next for Nuggets? – John Hollinger, TrueHoop/ESPN.com
John Hollinger asks what's next for the Nuggets without actually saying anything. This assumption that Nene will opt out is rather perplexing to me.

Nuggets' Kenyon Martin: Winning is more important than starting – Ryan Casey, Denver Post
Interesting and revealing comments from Kmart about playing on a winning team. I'd like the Nuggets to re-sign Kmart, and if he's willing to come off the bench – all the better.

The Denver Nuggets as “Gattaca” – Rob Mahoney, True Hoop
An … interesting blog post from Rob Mahoney, part of the Dallas Mavericks True Hoop Network. I’m still trying to process the post. Very well written though.

Nuggets feel Mozgov has the ability to join front-line rotation – Benjamin Hochman, Denver Post
In what will surely make his legion of fans on Denver Stiffs squeal with unbridled delight (rivaling only the screams of the fans of the early Beatles trips to America) Benjamin Hochman reports that the Nuggets 7’1″ center Timofey Mozgov has the makings of a “rotation big”.

Nuggets want to build on core, keep Afflalo – Benjamin Hochman, Denver Post
Ben Hochman again reports that the Nuggets want to keep Afflalo. Yet, in the report the Nuggets say they want to keep everybody but I'm sure we all know this is not true. There will be alot of these articles (providing there is no work stoppage) so it's safe to say everything is preliminary. It's nice to see the interest in keeping Afflalo with the Nuggets. One of Mark Warkentein's best signings.

Nuggets Look to Future after playoff loss – Denver Post video
A video of the Nuggets players cleaning out their lockers and speaking with the media yesterday.


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