There’s a new drink at the Atlanta Hawks arena

The Denver Nuggets will be in Atlanta tomorrow night to take on the Hawks. For any Nuggets fans making the trip, they’ll be able to find themselves a new adult beverage inside the arena. The Hawks announced a new partnership with Charles Barkley’s Redmont Vodka this week. Barkley of course spends a large amount of time in the Atlanta area given that’s where the TNT studios are at so this is a natural partnership. The pairing will be complete with a new “Redmond Vodka Bar” at the arena. I imagine it’ll be a similar setup as the Nuggets have with their Truly Club up near section 202 (side note: Truly Club? We’ve fallen so far from Tuaca Chill Zone).

Trade season is almost here

The Nuggets are going to be fairly (see: extremely) limited in their ability to make trades this season given the amount of money they have dedicated to their starting five and the incredibly high unlikelihood that Denver would move one of their starters. Denver is caught in a no-man’s zone in terms of the trade market because they have no additional cap space to absorb a player into and thus must match salaries but with all their money tied up in players they are not going to trade the rest of the players they would trade are all on minimal contracts meaning the Nuggets can take only minimal contracts in return on a deal. Players on small contracts who can be impact role players on a championship contender like Denver generally don’t get traded so the market is fairly bare for Denver. Still, Ryan Blackburn over at Mile High Sports came up with some targets the Nuggets might be able to pursue in his weekly mailbag.

AG and MPJ chop it up on Curious Mike

If you didn’t know, Michael Porter Jr. has his own podcast called Curious Mike. It’s something we see more and more of in this day and age from NBA players (Former Nugget Carmelo Anthony just launched his own podcast called 7PM in Brooklyn). Guys are cutting out the middlemen and getting their thoughts and their stories directly out to the world. One of the more interesting thing’s about Mike’s podcast though is unlike many, he hosts the show himself and he does a really good job of it. Recently he did an episode with teammate Aaron Gordon where they talk about Nikola Jokic’s greatness, dating as a professional baller and what they want to do after their NBA days are over.

Mile High Sports drops incredible Joker cover

One of the best things about MHS is their print game. Year after year the team over there puts out incredible cover after incredible cover and this week they released an all timer. Jokic makes the cover of the December issue this year after having his biggest year in Denver and one of the biggest year’s the city has ever seen from across all four major professional sports. As editor in chief Doug Ottewill puts it “when the story of sports in Colorado is told years from now, there’s only going to be one ‘first’ Denver Nuggets NBA championship run, and Nikola Jokic is undeniably the face of that story.”  After ending a 47 year drought for an NBA championship, MHS does Joker justice with this incredible artwork to grace the cover.

Jeff Green gets his ring

Cheers to Jeff Green who was in Denver with the Houston Rockets on Friday and finally got his championship ring. After an initial mixup, Houston’s second trip to Ball Arena was fruitful for Green (and the team). Despite moving on to grab the proverbially bag in Texas, there’s still plenty of love for Uncle Jeff among his old teammates. It’s part of the business of being a championship team. Guys like Green and Bruce Brown are going to play pivotal roles and succeed and when they do other teams see how those players fit as a piece of the championship puzzle and are willing to spend to get those pieces. It’s pretty clear everybody in Denver understands why Jeff left and has nothing but happiness for him.