I'm thankful the Denver Nuggets are winners of five of their last six, and seven of their last nine.

I’m thankful for Brian Shaw‘s levelheadedness in the face of a 1-6 start this season.

I’m thankful for Ty Lawson‘s last several games. Ty is making his All-Star case rather loud and clear of late.

I’m thankful for Danilo Gallinari’s perfectly Italian gestures when he catches fire… and his teammates’ willingness to join in.

I'm thankful that no one is making oyster stuffing this year. Feh.

I’m thankful for Arron Afflalo‘s maturity and patience in the face of a rough start to the season.

I’m thankful for Timofey Mozgov’s dance moves, fashion sensibilities, and constant approach to improvement.

I'm thankful that the couch is not far from the turkey.

I'm thankful for Rocky, the best mascot in pro sports.

I’m thankful for Wilson Chandler‘s torrid start to this season, and his willingness to play so hard on both ends of the floor. I’m also thankful for his (continued) good health.

I’m thankful for Kenneth Faried‘s energy, fire, and emerging defensive capabilities.

I’m thankful for Nate Robinson‘s grit and toughness. While a firebrand, this team doesn’t back down from much with NateRob in their ear.

I'm thankful for the garlic my wife puts in the mashed potatoes. It really starts to stand out on that fourth helping.

I'm thankful for Chris Marlowe, Scott Hastings, and the rest of the Altitude crew. Homers? Sure. Entertaining and reasonably fair? In spades. I'm not as thankful for Hector.

I’m thankful for Darrell Arthur‘s ability to stretch a defense on one end and be a stopper on the other.

I’m thankful for Alonzo Gee‘s defensive mindset, and willingness to jump in at a moment’s notice.

I’m thankful for Randy Foye‘s professionalism and attitude. Plus, he can hit a few from beyond the arc.

I'm finally thankful for pecan pie. Not sure why I wasn't as a kid, but helloooooo, pecan.

I’m thankful for J.J. Hickson‘s persistent double doubles, and willingness to play wherever he’s slotted.

I’m thankful for JaVale McGee’s irrational abilities, and readiness for the Kiss-Cam.

I’m thankful for Erick Green‘s patience.

I'm thankful for the cities of Detroit and Dallas, and their consistent place in my Thanksgiving traditions.

I’m thankful for Gary Harris‘ ridiculously good defense and unwavering confidence.

I’m thankful for Jusuf Nurkic‘s positioning and personality.

As much as anything, I'm truly thankful for an amazing assortment of family and friends who bless my life on a daily basis with humor, love, and thought. I live in a beautiful place, and have a fun and engaging gig. I am luckier than any one human being has the right to be, especially when I see how much hurt and heartache can go on in the world around me. To my wife, who is one of the most gifted, incredible, and beautiful human beings I have ever met, my amazing kids, wonderful parents, and dear dear friends, thank you for humoring me, and propping me up as often as you do.

And last but not least, I’m wildly thankful for this last year on Denver Stiffs. To Nate, Jeff, Andy, Colin, Quinn, Kevin, Chris, Dontae, and especially the amazing folks who make up the hilarious, thought-provoking, and occasionally Nuggets-based Denver Stiffs threads, this has been an incredible year, and I have truly been fortunate to get to know each and every one of you. And for that, I give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving, Denver Stiffs. May your bellies be full, and your hearts be light. Thanks.

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