What’s up Stiffs aka Nuggets Nation?

From time-to-time we like to let you guys/gals flex your intelligence. We are going to be giving away a DVD of "Wired: A Season Inside the NBA" and here is what it is all about:

Produced by Bombo Sports & Entertainment, “Wired” lets fans see and hear the league’s most celebrated superstars – ranging from LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin, Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Garnett, and Kobe Bryant – as they battle the ups and downs from training camp to the last game of the NBA Finals. Shot over the past three seasons, Wired takes fans inside training camp as each team prepares for the season and goes along for the ride as players hop from one city to the next while keeping focused on the next opponent. The access sheds a unique light on the human element of injuries, holidays, team bonding and the push to become a champion.

"We created ‘Wired' to give access to the fans who love the NBA and thirst for more than the game. With a season that goes from November through May, we captured what it truly means to play in the NBA and the hard work that players and coaches put in on a daily basis to compete at the highest level," said Paul Doyle, executive producer for Bombo. "This film includes extensive use of the wireless microphones, on players, on coaches and always behind the scenes"

Wired: A Season Inside the NBA Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack is available for only $24.99 on NBAStore.com and other online and DVD retailers. If you don't win, it is still worth buying this DVD and checking out the league we all love. Click here for the link.

The Contest: You must email me your answer to: [email protected] – there will only be one winner and the first person to email me the correct answer will win the DVD. After the contest is over I will open up the comment section and let you all know who won!

Your email must include the following: Subject line "Wired DVD Contest" and your answer.

The question: In which season did the Nuggets last play and defeat the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic on the road in a back-to-back setting and what were the dates (MM/DD/YEAR) of the games?

Good luck!


Congratulations to Brett in Longmont, CO (screen name: brizette777) for having the quickest fingers today and answering correctly with the 2008-09 season when the Nuggets beat both the Heat and Magic in a back-to-back setting on Feb. 10th and 11th, 2009 … let's hope the Nuggets can pull off that same feat this weekend with games in Orlando tomorrow night on Nov. 2nd and again on Nov. 3rd when the Nuggets face the Miami Heat for Stiffs Night Out!