So many angles, articles galore
But what about something he'd not done before?
His i's could be dotted, his t's he'd be crossin'
So maybe another tale about Ty Lawson?

The readers might like it, or would they be sorry?
Maybe try something about Danilo Gallinari
But Gallo's not starting, he's still with a handler
With much good to write about "Meh", Wilson Chandler

He started to sweat, give them something to read!
You can always say something about Kenneth Faried!
But that angles been covered, the points, they were mixin'
And no one is ready for a story about J.J. Hickson

Now he was panicking, and starting to wallow
As we've already covered Mr. Arron Afflalo
Maybe go big? Or how about sauve?
As both could describe Mr. Timofey Mozgov

Maybe the youngsters, what about that pitch?
Erick Green, Gary Harris, and Jusuf Nurkic
Or even a departure, filled with wonder and glee
About the many odd facets of JaVale McGee

So many options, so little time!
What about something that works in a rhyme?
Maybe just pick one, any one could be fun
And then he looked up and found his post done

Happy Thursday, Denver Stiffs! What's on the minds of Nuggets Nation?