Former Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl recently went on the record with KOA’s Dave Krieger. This is the first time Karl has spoken publicly about getting fired by Nuggets owner Josh Kroenke and he doesn’t hold back much.

Here are some highlights …

Karl on his initial thoughts:

“I think Masai and Josh both thought it was easy to win. It is not easy to win.”

On only having a year left on his contract:

“I was definitive, and I want the fans to know this, that I wanted to coach this team. I had no problem coaching the team on a one-year deal. I was fine with a one-year deal.”

And deserving a three-year extension:

“I said that to [Kroenke]: ‘I want it to be in Denver.’ But do I think I deserve a three-year extension? No”

About allegedly not playing young players:

“I don’t remember the meetings where anybody ever told me that if you don’t play this or don’t do this it’s injuring where we want to go. They’re making it out that I was insubordinate. I don’t remember that.”

On playing veteran Andre Miller too much:

“I think that’s a fair assessment. I think that’s a fair evaluation of the games. But Andre Miller, the year he had, he’s a foundation of the team. I thought he earned that. I thought he had an incredible year. I didn’t expect a year like that out of Andre Miller. And then he’s basically the reason we won Game 1. By Game 6 you’re bailing on a guy who just won Game 1?”

On his playoff shortcomings:

“Disappointment. I don’t think I have a big foundation to fight my record. It’s not good. But I think my last five years is better than people think it is. “Four years ago, we went to the conference finals. Three years ago, I think we would have gone to the conference finals if I didn’t get sick.”

On what’s next:

“I will say I’ve had preliminary conversations with both the Clippers and Memphis. Nothing that’s to say something’s going to happen. I definitely think it’s in the first stage of a process that has however many stages. I have interest in both jobs. I think both teams are very good.”

On the Kroenke family:

“But I also want to say that the Kroenkes have treated me well. My eight and a half years is a special eight and a half years. I found a home. I’m going to live in Denver. And the fans, for me, I mean, the connection the fans made with me here was deeper than it was even in Seattle.”