Gary Harris is the longest-tenured Denver Nugget now as he enters his fifth season, but the now-veteran player who just earned his extension doesn’t sound like anything is surprising him this year. This is a short interview but he talks about meeting Nikola Jokic’s horses (one of whom does not like him, apparently) and about how hard it was to watch the playoffs rather than being in them.

“We’ve got to win the games we’re supposed to win,” he said, and doesn’t sound like he sees any problem with all of the aggressive guards getting their time and making an impact.

On the bitter way the season ending

It was tough. It was hard to watch the playoffs, especially in the beginning. But, like I just said, I think everything happens for a reason and I think that is going to make us a better team. Especially this year, we know we can’t drop certain games we gotta win the games we’re supposed to win.

On playing with Barton

I feel like we all know how to play with each other. I mean, we got three aggressive guards who can handle the ball and I think it’s going to be a fun year, especially with us three out there.

On how Isaiah Thomas changes the locker room dynamics

It’s definitely changed a little bit. We definitely get in a little bit more debates. I think it’s increased the talking that we have going on in the locker room. IT is a vet in this league, he’s seen a lot. I think he’s definitely going to help us out with his experience.

On growing as a leader

I’m starting to enjoy it. I’m usually more of a quiet guy, usually lead by example but I definitely been trying to be more vocal and it’s starting to become easier for me.

On how he was received by fans in Serbia

It was all in love in Serbia. I had a great time. Just to get out there and be with Nikola, and to experience his culture and how he grew up, it was a great experience for me.

A few people recognized me. Of course because of Nikola. His fanbase right there is huge. He’s like a god there. He’s the man, he’s the president.