Gary Harris set a new career-high in points in the Nuggets victory over the Nets on Friday night in Denver, scoring 25 points to lead the team.

While there has been (rightfully so) a lot of attention on the excellent season Nikola Jokic is having, Harris has been having a breakout season as well. True to his nature, he’s going about his breakout in a quieter fashion, choosing to play within his role and let his game do the talking.

Ever since his first basket with the Nuggets, when he exploded for a huge dunk against the Indiana Pacers, Harris has been surprising opponents with his athleticism. He’s improved his 3-point shot each year in the league, and is shooting 43 percent on 4.2 attempts per game this year.

We’re all happy that Harris was able to set a new career high on Friday, especially in a much-needed win. Now go and get 30, young fella.