It’s Thursday morning, and you know what that means? It's garbage day! In this episode of Garbage Takes, Host Jena Garcia has the tough task of judging the showdown of the season and it didn't involve Joel Embiid or Nikola Jokic. She has definitely beaten that dead horse.

On this episode, The Action Network’s Senior NBA writer Matt Moore looks to challenge the reigning champ of Garbage Takes, the owner of the Bayless Award, and leader of the stiffest, Ryan Blackburn. Ryan has held the record for longest back to back wins. In the first episode he destroyed one of his newest employees without a second thought and in the second he his own Jedi master, leveling up to full Darth status. Ryan has had good competition but tonight he headed into the ring as the underdog. Matt Moore of the Action network has been covering basketball for the last 20 years while Ryan is barely 20 years old.

This battle was sprinkled with playful metaphors, dramatic twists you would never expect and a lot of sports talk. The crew tackles 5 controversial topics from the NBA and a surprise Super Bowl question, are thrown into the ring in this one, including; LeBron vs. Jokic, trade talk and MPJ.