I’m going to be honest. Much like the enthusiasm the Nuggets have shown on the court their last few games, I am finding myself lagging in the motivation department in writing these game threads. I think, like the team, that I’ve reached a saturation point for this season. I need to go through an off season of writing more than just game threads to really take the next step. I need to write on things other than basketball, also. By the time next October rolls around, I will write tighter, more insightful game threads, filled with laser focused perceptions about the team. The Hot Takes will be hotter. The sarcasm will be more biting. The metaphors will be more metaphorical. This off season will lay the groundwork for the next step in my writing game.

But for now, for these last three games, I will just have to press through. Tonight’s contest against the Spurs could be a press through game for both teams. Gregg Popovich has already confirmed he will rest many, if not all, of his regulars. The Spurs are also coming off last night’s thrashing at the hands of the Warriors. One thing that is pretty consistent about the Spurs is that they play to win, even when their star players rest. For Denver, Michael Malone is well aware of the malaise that has inflicted his team. We’ll see if he can find the correct antibiotic, at least for one night.

Also…More Boban.