This is it.

The last homestand of the season starts tonight. Four more home games. Five more games in total. I am sure that the Nuggets have some goals for these last five games – things like, post a winning “month” in April, achieve a winning home record, etc. I just don’t know that any are achievable. Tonight may be the best chance of a victory over the last five games, and from the outside looking in, it really isn’t that good a shot. DeMarcus Cousins has absolutely dominated the Nuggets this season, creating such gravity that he draws the eyes of the entire defense. That has allowed for the KIngs outside shooters – who as a group have been somewhat underwhelming all season – to go off. It hasn’t been pretty.

Perhaps, if he’s recovered from whatever black plague has laid him low, we will get to see another Boogie – Juka clash. In the morass that was last season, seeing those go head to head was one of the few fun times. Jusuf Nurkic certainly doesn’t back down from Boogie, and has the footspeed and bulk to give him problems. I honestly feel that the one real chance for Denver to start of the beginning of the end on a positive note is if the Bosnian Beast gets some major minutes tonight.

EDIT: Ignore everything I wrote. It looks like the entire Kings team is sitting out tonight. I have no idea what to expect.