Just two games ago, the Denver Nuggets lost a game by 6 points to Sacramento. While the score indicates a close, tough fought battle, in truth, Sacramento and their divisive star DeMarcus Cousins dominated the Nuggets for most of the game. He “drew” multiple fouls on the Nuggets two headed Balkan centerpiece of Jusuf Nurkic and Nikola Jokic, leading to extensive minutes from the Frenchman Joffrey Lauvergne, who played one of his best professional offensive games. Even though Joff showed out great against the Kings, for the Nuggets to have a real chance to reverse the results from Friday, they will need to get much more from Niko and Juka. It would also help if the Nuggets decided to guard three point shooters.

But none of that matters. In my admittedly abnormal brain, this game should be a prequel to a remake of the 1997 classic movie Face/Off. I want to see Michael Malone as the irascible curmudgeon George Karl , and Karl as the fiery Malone. Imagine the drama when, at the end of this season, the two announce – in an hour long ESPN special, of course, that each one is actually the other! All the anger from Kings fans that is currently being thrown at “Karl” is replaced with confusion when they realize they’ve actually been attacking their beloved coach Malone. All the Nuggets fans who have been pining for the days of yore, those halcyon days of the George Karl Nuggets where the Pepsi center flowed with wine and carried the aroma of roses, would collectively swoon at the reveal.

OK, probably not.